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Sam Simon dies at 59

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Despite how much they've lost their way, the Simpsons was still one of the best shows of all time. At least up until the mid-nineties. The show pioneered the way for many like it to follow. I'm happy that I was fortune enough to watch and appreciate the Simpsons in its golden age, when this style of comedy was unprecedented.

Sam Simon was a genius.


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Once the show had a form of pseudo realism, it is a cultural relic and a rare show. many could identify with the characters without actualy laughing like a madman. Back then those creators made a great yet controversial television monument. Something which you can not even begin to compare to the empty shell it became in this day and age.


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Wanna know what's really fucking sadistic? There's a story going around with a misleading headline

"61 Year Old Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Peacefully Passes In Home Office"

I'm not linking to this piece of shit, but when you read the story, its "he passes on a new show idea." What a headline given that Sam Simon has died a few days ago.

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