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Linedef action 249 (doom format)

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Hi there,

I'm trying to use the lindef action 249 (Scroll Wall when Sector Changes Height) on a doom format map but with no success. I cannot find anything on Internet.

Does somebody know exactly how that works?

Cheers in advance,

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You put action 249 onto a linedef and give it a tag. Then whenever the linedef's front floor will move up or down, all sectors with the same tag as the linedef will scroll their floors. The direction of their scrolling is determined by the linedef's angle.

Check out Boomedit.wad. It demonstrates most (if not all) Boom-specific features.

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Hum... I thought this was scrolling wall textures and not floor (as said in the name), but I'll check out the Boomedit.wad anyway.


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I'm sorry for my mistake, of course it scrolls a wall. I've checked Boomedit myself and action 248 was right next to 249, that's why I got them confused even though you clearly said "Wall".

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