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Setting up online Deathmatches

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Whew, this has many answers.

Your best bet is to grab zandronum.com]Zandronum/zdaemon.org]Zdaemon/Odamex/, and IDE (or Doomseeker). Each source port has at least one chatroom in IRC, where you can easily find others who also want to DM.

There are loads of deathmatch servers already set up, but if you want to start your own, I reccommend using best-ever on Zandronum.

Joining the chatrooms is super easy, too. I've written up a tutorial here that hopefully will be of some help to you. If you have any other questions, just ask me!

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Joining a Doomsday server as a client:
1) Launch Doomsday
2) Open the taskbar and click the 'DE' button
3) Choose 'Multiplayer Games...' from the menu
4) Click on the server you want to join

Starting a Doomsday server as an admin:
1) Launch Doomsday Shell
2) Choose 'Server' from the menu and click 'New Local Server...'
3) Configure server's name, password, etc.., and check 'Public server' to have it automatically visible to all clients
4) Click 'Start Server'

The Doomsday wiki has a lot more info if you need it (see here).

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