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Raw patch code to start on any level in GBA Doom

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Figured I should post this to the forums for posterity. At startup, patch address 03000948 with any decimal DWORD (32-bit) value from 1 to 24 to start on any of the game's normal maps by selecting any episode from the main menu (turn the code off afterward to enable normal play to resume).

You can also set the address to a value between 25 and 32 to *attempt* to visit the normally multiplayer-only maps DM1 through DM8. However, the only one of these that will not crash the game is MAP30, and this is because all of those maps *except* that one are missing player one start points. So on 25-29 and 31-32, you "spawn" in the void with zero health, no ammo, no weapon, no body, and the game hangs repeating a few notes of the music over and over.

Kind of a shame. Bounty on the location in memory of the "game mode" or, in vanilla source code parlance, "deathmatch" variable. If you could set that to 1, you should spawn at a deathmatch spot as if though you were playing multiplayer. Of course you could also just use a newer emulator that supports the game link cable :P

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Good info. How is the PSX integration for Eternity going? Maybe next step could be GBA Doom support. Straight-up loading the rom, like a boss :-D

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