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Improving Shores of Hell (novella)

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I'd like to try to make improvements to The Shores of Hell in the future: for starters, maybe adding a bit more action before the Technician meets with Fred and his posse. I considered a shootout in the base's chapel (modeled after e2m1), and adding a demon encounter the first time he goes outside.

Does anyone have any notes on Shores they'd like to share? Things that worked versus things that didn't? I'd appreciate the feedback, especially from Coopersville since he was the most vocal about it. Even though I think Shores has some really great moments, it'd be nice if I could make it more on-par with the other two in the series.

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I'll probably have to give a repreat read soon to be able to offer something more constructive than more actionz, more swiss army knives.

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Cool, no rush. Whenever you got the spare time.

The weak point is definitely the Technician's segment, I know that much so far; so that's probably what I'll focus on unless somebody points out something else I didn't think of.

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