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Carpet flats?

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Thanks. The Gothic ones are nice. I was secretly hoping for something bigger than 64x64 (= with a more complicated pattern) but these will do.

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Thanks guys and thanks FuzzballFox, I'll take a look there, though that wad has a different palette I think so I wonder if ripping from there will result in some bad colors (happened to me with Whispers of Satan doors).

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^If you run into problems with a palette conversion, you have multiple choices how to fix it: You can recolor graphics in SLADE3 based on color indexes, this useful feature is called "Graphic -> Color Remap". You can also convert the graphics to a truecolor PNG while still inside the 32-in-24 wad with its palette, them copy-paste them to your wad and convert to Doom graphic - they will be converted to standard Doom palette if your wad doesn't contain any other palette and if you have Doom palette set as a Base Resource Archive. If it somehow doesn't look right (due to missing equivalent color ranges etc.), you can tune it up with Color Remapping before or after the conversion.

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