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"Perfecting" mouse sensitivity in D64EX

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I've been trying to adjust mouse sensitivity in Doom 64 EX so that it's as close to ZDoom/GZDoom's default setting as possible, as the latter is more comfortable for me. Those efforts haven't gotten me very far, so I've decided to just ask here: since the different ports seem to measure sensitivity on different scales, what's EX's closest approximation to ZDoom's 1.0? And also, do similar settings like ZDoom's "turning speed" and EX's "mouse acceleration" make this issue more complicated than I might think?

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I actually tend to play Doom 64 with a controller but on the occasions that I do use a mouse I find setting the X and Y sensitivity slider to just past the 'M' in the word 'Mouse'. The leftmost part of the slider is inline with the rightmost straight line of the 'M'. Dunno if that makes sense to you though! I don't have any mouse acceleration at all.

Hope that helps at least a little. :)

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