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Calibrating prBoom mouse sensitivity to ZDoom settings.

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I've been having trouble with this. ZDoom feels perfect, but I move sluggishly and haphazardly in prBoom, constantly running into walls in an unpredictable and frustrating manner (as opposed to constantly running into walls in a manageable way, heh).

I use the mouse to turn left and right and to shoot, nothing else. I have the latest versions of both ports.

Lines that look mouse-relevant from my ZDoom config:


Likewise from prBoom:

# Mouse settings
use_mouse 1
mouse_sensitivity_horiz 12
mouse_sensitivity_vert 0
mouseb_fire 0
mouseb_strafe -1
mouseb_forward -1
mouseb_backward -1
mouseb_use -1

(I've been playing around with various horizontal sensitivities, but none of them are right at all.)

# Prboom-plus mouse settings
mouse_acceleration 0
mouse_sensitivity_mlook 0
mouse_doubleclick_as_use 1

movement_mouselook 0
movement_maxviewpitch 90
movement_mouseinvert 0

Whenever I get the mouse sensitivity to a base level that seems right in prBoom for most motions, I end up with the ability to whip completely around unnaturally fast at the slightest over-push of the mouse. That never happens with my ZDoom settings, which seem to impose a ceiling on my mouse speed.

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AFAIK, the mouse in PrBoom is affected by the Windows settings. If you have "enhance pointer precision" turned on, try turning it off while playing.

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