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Windows looking odd when using Hardware renderer?

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Good day fellas,

I recently started Doom mapping again after a 2 year break doing a
normal Doom 2 map with a techbase like theme, however I plan to make use of monsters more like Plutonia style, regarding the difficulty.
However there is something strange about some Lines, when testing in Hardware mode.
Testing in OpenGL seems just fine, but I want the map to look nice in Vanilla Doom, too.

I however have the feeling that this is some kind of limitation that can only be solved in GL ports (On the technical side I have no idea of this kind of stuff so might be easy to solve but I cant get it myself).

This is what an example window looks in ZDOOM (kinda glitchy?)

Now with OpenGL this looks much better:

How it looks in the Editor:

Is there a way to solve this, so it looks ok in vanilla or did I miss something specific?

Ty, for the help,

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Old vanilla mapping trick - give the sectors either side of each window slightly different light levels.

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Yes, it's a native software renderer behaviour, fixed in OpenGL. However, you can use either one of these 2 easy tricks to make it look OK in software renderer:

1. Sectors on different sides of the bars should have a different light level, at least by 1 unit. Then, textures won't sink into the floor or ceiling. Given that you're concerned about vanilla, and if you want to make both sides of the window appear to have same brightness, I can recommend using a multiple of 16 on one side, and the same number + 1 on the other side of the window - for example 160 and 161. That's because when displaying brightness levels, vanilla always rounds them down to the nearest multiple of 16 - but even then, the texture will clip properly.

2. Use a floor height difference between the 2 sectors to prevent the texture sinking into the floor, or a ceiling height difference to prevent it sinking into the ceiling. Even a slight difference will technically work.

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Ok thanks for the information!
The trick with the light level change by +\- 1 did it for me.

Its nice to see what kind of workarounds there are for different problems within the Doom engine hehe

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