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Kaiser_* series demos [see first post for compat]

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20 WADs by Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser)

Compatibility table

   WAD	    |   compat
 kaiser_1   | -complevel 2
 kaiser_2   | -complevel 3
 kaiser_3   | -complevel 9
 kaiser_4   | -complevel 9
 kaiser_5   | -complevel 9
 kaiser_6   |    Zdoom
 kaiser_7   | -complevel 3
 kaiser_8   | -complevel 2
 kaiser_9   | -complevel 9
 kaiser_10  |    Zdoom
 kaiser_11  | -complevel 2
 kaiser_12  | -complevel 9
 kaiser_13* |    Strife
 kaiser_14  | -complevel 9
 kaiser_16  |    Zdoom
 kaiser_17  |    Zdoom
 kaiser_18  | -complevel 2
 kaiser_19  | -complevel 2
 kaiser_20  | -complevel 9
 kaiser_21* |   Heretic
 kaiser_22  | -complevel 9
 kaiser_23* |    Strife
 kaiser_28* |    Hexen
* - not relevant for this thread, included for reference only
#9 and #14 have demos on DSDA



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Recently recorded Kaiser_28 for Hexen, so I thought I'd get back to some DOOM.  Needed something short, so this was perfect.

I'm sure Veinen already has a 19(that is half the time this is) demo recorded...  I look forward to seeing that.


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Due to popular demand: kaiser_19 max in 7:03


Not quite meeting those lofty expectations but I hope this is sufficiently entertaining :)


ps. to be fair, only that kaiser_7 demo was a bit of a table filler. And even there I did do my usual demo routine and just settled for a mediocre time.



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