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Brutal Mario (Warning : No blood)


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Before there was anything brutal, there was "brutal mario", a ROM hack made 2001, it's the heaviest ROM hack there is, has huge amounts of custom content, it's mostly popular for it's boss battles.

I used to play this in 2009, and this ROM hack is still getting developed.

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That boss fight 18 minutes in reminds me of something from Contra or Metroid. Pretty cool overall.

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Ah, I remember Brutal Mario. As neat as those bosses are, they're not very well-designed. Now if there was a SMW Disassembly out there, you'd be seeing a lot more stuff like this, ala the Sonic hacking scene.

Speaking of which, the closest thing to a Brutal Sonic I can think of is Sonic Erazor.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

Haha so funny,We started by Brutal DOOM,then Brutal Half-Life,now Brutal Mario ? lol,i wonder what's next ...

Brütal Tetris. Every line made explodes into gratuitous gore. Making a 4-line clear makes a dubstep drop play.

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Yeah Brutal Mario has nothing at all to do with the trend of ridiculous gore and hevey metel mods out there. The name was more to relate to the difficulty of the hack (at the time, like with any custom content it has been superseceded by much more difficult hacks since). Anyone considering this part of a trend needs to start reading threads beyond their titles (especially the people making new ones)

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Breezeep said:

Why are all these Brutal ____ threads are coming up?

I propose that, in their (dis)honor, Post Hell be temporarily renamed Brutal Post Hell, with a dubstep remix of the "fuck yourself" taunt as the new Post Hell music.

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