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Spock tribute

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In memory of Leonard Nimoy, I made this picture:

There are probably some trekkies around here, so I am sharing it here.
I hope you guys like it.

BTW 1:
Here's my other stuff:

BTW 2:
There is a Tribble hiding in the picture :-)

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Looks nice but also kind of surreal as all 3 of the actors past away for the characters ; Spock, jim, and scotty.

They live on on some far away planets.

weird outing ;
"Quik captain kick it against his face !"

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andrewj said:

William Shatner is still alive....

Oops, i must have been thinking about somebody else then. :(
Wiliam Shatner should become, or be, 84 this year.

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Ah well, it stil remains a nice drawing and tribute to those depicted. i must admit to being a TNG person while respecting the original for starting it all and what it did in its era.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

And I think that's McCoy, not Scotty

Indeed it is McCoy in the upper left.

In the drawing, Spock is saying farewell to Kirk and is about to join McCoy in the sky.
The actors of Spock and McCoy have past away in real life. So FireFish found the symbolism :-)

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