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Kontra Kommando

Actors Reacting to Specific Types of Damage

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How would I go about making actors react to a specific type of damage? For example, an actor is hit with a projectile that has fire damage; I want it to goto a custom state. How do I write the code for the game to know that fire damage will bring it to that custom state?

EDIT: Sorry, I meant for this to be in the Doom Edit forum.

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I assume ZDoom here. With 'react', do you mean the pain state?
If so, just use 'pain.fire'. You also may want to set a damage type specific pain chance for the damage type you want to handle.

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Put "DamageType Fire" in the projectile's script (Same place you'd put things like "Speed 36" or whatever).

And then make a state called "pain.fire" in the monster.

The same technique can be used for deaths, just put in a "death.fire".

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