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DECORATE Recruit needed

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I was wondering if anybody with a great deal of DECORATE knowledge could assist me with a couple of things.

For instance, I have this weapon;

and I'd like to add (blue) dynamic light to its firing frames, and projectile graphics for the shotgun pellets (as shown by the hit-scan monsters in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx5k5xCf1vs ).

Furthermore, there are bout two more weapons and a handful of monsters that also need coding...

If anybody would like to collaborate, then please drop me a line.

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If I'm not mistaken, you can't add dynamic lights to weapon HUD sprites, because they don't exist in the world.

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I imagine it'd be a dynamic light thing that spawns in the map on the player's location, that just provides blue dynamic light for a couple of frames during firing..?

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Indeed. The only reason the vanilla player produces light while firing is because... well, he's the one producing it, not the weapon.

And, bingo! That's exactly what you would do!

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I'm still looking for someone with good Decorate knowledge to join.

I can offer a small payment like a game on Steam in exchange and as thanks. There is a huge selection of games for ya to choose from, such as GTA5 or Ultra Street Fighter 4 with all DLC :)

So again, please send me a message if you have good Decorate skills (but it won't be particularly complicated) and wouldn't mind working together in a semi-proffessional way.


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