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Rusty walls

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The current metal textures are too noisy. Proposed replacements:

I don't really like the pipes on rw33_3; not a big deal though, as it's a rarely-used texture.

Some alternate metal surfaces that could be useful for other textures (not necessarily freedoom):

Edit: original versions (slightly too dark)

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Neat! These are easier on the eye. The pipes are a definite improvement, the current ones are too flat.

One suggestion, this might be a good opportunity to change the lightning bolt to a different symbol, to distance the texture from Doom's.

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I updated the pipe texture. It looks a lot better in-game now, especially on maps where it's used for platforms or lift supports (e.g. plutonia map15).

Slight tekgreen cleanup (still a work in progress):

For fun, some alternative metal paint jobs:

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your new textures looks like rubber, i dont mean they are bad i dont think they fit well, it's just a opinion

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In Map13 and Map09, I use those dark textures often because I wanted something dark. They look like damp rusty metal.

Those crossed pipes on the old textures were not realistic, and while they did tile vertically, the pipe pattern in that usage was nonsense. But, I had worked it into one place in Map13, which would likely have to be reworked if the pipe pattern in the texture were changed. Not a big loss, but I had spent some time making those cross pipes line up.

It is the one pattern I could use to get a visually interesting pipe connection to a control box.

Having only textures with pipe that runs perfectly vertically is a bit visually boring, and frustrating to the mapper that has a need for a horz. pipe connection to some box.
It would be much more useful to have an additional texture with a different (but simple) pipe pattern that could be connected to the other pipe texture horizontally. A bit difficult as they would have to connect together horizontally and also have to stand alone in any existing usages. Making it a new texture (or two) is easier on everyone.

Changing a texture from dark to a lighter color throws off the appearance of existing rooms that use that texture, like my gamma settings or monitor settings were messed up.
Going to have to re-visit every usage of those textures, or use other dark textures instead. I don't think there are any other good dark metal textures.

It would easier if those lighter color metal textures were alternative textures, with their own name.
Having one with straight pipes and one with a different pattern of pipes would provide more choice to mappers.

Colors do not have to be absolutely uniform.

Some panels could be darker towards the floor (but that makes them unusable when tiled vertically).

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