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Gzdoom builder: auto door maker not working properly

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I am using Gzdoom builder(after moving off doom builder 2). The door making tool shift-D, creates a door but it doesn't set it up properly. It makes the door but does not set it as a press use door and does not make it repeatable. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or should I go back to Doom builder 2?

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In GZDB, all game configurations are named like "GZDoom: Doom (UDMF)" or "Zandronum: Heretic (Hexen format)". So, which one(s) are you using? Also, make sure you've unpacked GZDB into a separate folder, and not on top of DB2.

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GZDB does set the USE trigger in UDMF

and also in Doom in Hexen, it is indicated on the left but not on the right

and in both formats the door opens as expected.

While I am at it, here in native DOOM2 format

[edit] Click images for a full-sized view.

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