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Hacx Experiment: Raw Deal Kou

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A Hacx project I'm toying with a little bit, since I have no decent Doom maps going for me. I had the idea to go the Galaxia route and write story intermissions for each map (and also the idea to make Hacx maps that are actually interesting, but whatevs) except I dunno that I'll finish this map set anytime soon. Thought it was worth sharing an early draft since there's barely any Hacx projects around here.

EDIT: Or maybe I'll just post each entry here and make it a forum project.


Raw Deal Kou

M1: Parkour

Kou's cover had a shelf life of maybe ten minutes from the moment he entered the building. It didn't matter: snatch-and-grab jobs were best done as quickly as possible anyway, especially when they're spoiled from Phase One.

In his heyday, Akira had been almost as good a street ronin as Kou, before he started hitting the bottle. Now he was like all the others: all swagger, no discipline, and Amateur City. Only an hour ago, Kou got word that Akira had gotten drunk the night before and blabbed about the score to his girlfriend, a geisha who was popular with the bloated members of the upper class -- the CEO of GenEmp, for example, friend of the Neo-Kyoto Shogun and owner of the building Kou was trying to infiltrate -- and who made a small fortune selling her clients' secrets. If the CEO didn't already know what was about to go down in his own building, he would find out during his morning coffee in the next few minutes. Then the Shogun would lock down the entire prefecture and turn it inside-out to find whoever was trying to steal his goodies.

So it was either go it alone, grab the valise, and take the subway straight to his paycheck; or abort the op and lose the condo. They didn't call him "Raw Deal" Kou for nothing.

"Sir, you can't go back there without an appointment!" said the young woman at the front desk as Kou tried to walk past. She was a prissy, delicate Neo-Tokyo girl: the spray-on tan was a dead giveaway. Probably a college student, studying nanotech or bioware or whatever other subjects were hip these days.

Kou approached the desk, bowed, and laid an Osaka dialect on her nice and thick, to sound as much like a bumpkin as possible. "Sorry I'm late, Miss, but I gotta git upstairs pronto! Can't keep Zenigata-san waitin' no longer."

The girl returned the bow, noting Kou's black I.T. jumpsuit. "Ah! You're here about the network crash. But I'm afraid you'll need clearance regardless, or you won't be able to use the elevator."

Kou leaned on the counter while she put together a low-level clearance passcard for him. "I don't mind waitin' if it means I get ta hang 'round you a bit longer."

He lowered his sunglasses and winked at her. She forced a polite smile as she handed him his passcard, and couldn't send him away fast enough.

Kou had gotten it down to eight seconds: stop the elevator, slide the passcard into the portable dampener, stick it in the slot; then slip past the ICE, through the backdoor, and give himself executive access. No alarms. Floor Two, thank you very much.

The I.T. appointment was on Floor Four. What Kou wanted -- or rather, what his client Tony Umeda wanted -- was on Floor Two, in the lab across the hall from the Chief Researcher's office. All of the executives were having breakfast together, so the lab would only be staffed by a skeleton crew of muties and androids. The second he grabbed the valise, the entire sector would be crawling with GenEmp strike teams.

He'd done his homework, though: less than a block up the street was a law firm with an upstairs office and a pass for the high-speed and high-profile Amaterasu Metro. That train was his only chance of getting out of the GenEmp district before the Shogun's honor guard tore it apart.

All Kou knew about the valise was that it contained recently-acquired government property. Umeda had called it a priceless antique. Kou's retainer had reflected this when he was hired to steal it.

The elevator stopped at the second floor with a ding.

See what happens next! (Hacx 1.2, limit-removing port)

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Which IWAD am I supposed to run it with? I've tried HacX 2.0, but got missing textures everywhere. With Doom2.wad, only half of them were missing.

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You're supposed to run it with Hacx 1.2. I updated the OP to clarify this.

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