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Seeking critique before I polish [DOWNLOAD][SCREENSHOTS][VIDEO]

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Hello! I've recently gotten to a point of a map where some feedback would be useful. I'd say the map is 87% done on account of some minor polish. The map is designed as a true first level so you'll know what to expect as far as difficulty goes.

The map does have different difficulty choices built-in as well, The only thing that may be off on the hardest difficulty is ammo/health scarcity, I'm having trouble with knowing how far to go with the difficulty, I feel like Hard is a wee bit to easy but at the same time feel it should be considering it being a first level. Some pointers on that would be appreciated.

BUT Anyways, I'd appreciate any and all criticism.


All versions are available and updated here

-Maps Incarnation
-100% Map redesign
-Focus on minimizing unused space
-Continuity on door looks
-Removed exit room
-Removed level difficulties *will be re-added in later models*
-Added more monster traps
-Fixed Exit Switch
-Fixed Lighting inconsistency
*Bug with blue key door not opening with key can not be reproduced; could show signs of port incompatibility




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Completed with 100% everything, UV, in 6:15

This is a very nice looking map. My favorite area is the dark room with barrels and the flashing light. You did a nice job with the way the light travels and is blocked by obstacles. I also enjoyed when the monsters on the ledge gibbed themselves with the barrels.

Some of the doors are straight flush with the wall, which you may want to change. The main problem was a lack of health pickups. Add more stimpacks and perhaps another medkit or two, and it'd be much better.

The encounters aren't bad. I like how you have enemies at various heights, such as on ledges, stairs, etc.

It is weird that the blue door leads to a secret, though, and that you don't even need the blue key to finish the map.

But, overall, I really enjoyed this, and am impressed by your attention to detail. That barrel room with the flashing light is especially awesome.

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Not bad. Relatively cramped and really easy, though. Monster placement was too much of a meat spam in front of the player's gun. Consider adding better inventive encounters and traps, feel free to let the monsters attack the player from multiple heights and/or directions, because that's what distinguishes interesting combat from a boring one - it's my advice for your next time mapping. Also, you should become concerned about compatibility; tell us which engine/compatibility your wad is (vanilla/Boom/ZDoom) - this one is ZDoom because of textures used as flats, also beware of linedef-action-related zdoomisms when mapping next time.

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Okay, with the input I've gotten so far, I've remade the map from scratch, hopefully addressing the issues. I've been at this for 3 hours now so I didn't put the exit room or switch yet and I wouldn't be surprised if some cacodemons are stuck in the walls, You'll get the gist still. Hopefully the redesign has been beneficial!


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