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A certain doomer asked for my help a while ago by laying the GRB smackdown in a map for him.

So here's the first speedmap in a short series called "Smackdown"


You'll need NB_RECOL.wad for this.


oh yeah, demos are welcome. It's for boom.

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Good challenge map for FDAing: all fights are manageable on first try if you're swift enough. Here is a demo. Some parts were a bit tedious maybe (the revenant pool, the cyberdemon) but nothing too bad. Lol at the red key spider.

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Ah, another wimpy GRB map! You'd think someone's mama made it to guarantee that Little Junior won't get hurt . . .

Okay, but seriously . . . ;D

Kills – 127, Items – 100, Secret – 100. End Health – 54, Armor 0. Death Count – 17

UV, GLBoom, keyboard only, savescumming like a mofo.

Another 17 SteveD pelts for GRB's collection. Might have to rent a new storage locker for all of them.

That was quite the start. I didn't even have time to IDMUS09 to shut out the horror of D_RUNNIN until I'd killed a whole bunch of critters.

I ended-up dying a lot by going into the PE/Sergeant tunnels and trying to fight my way through. You should put a regular shotgun near the start by the SSG so players don't die from walking over a Sergeant and having the game select the single-shotty while you're under fire. It's tough enough as it is! ;)

I soon realized I wasn't going to win with the path I was taking, so I noticed that HKs were following me down the Browngrn alley and worked on getting Mancs to shoot at them for infights. It didn't go that well, but I eventually figured out that I had to run back into the open and deal with the Mancs/HKs first, and once I finally killed them, I was able to deal with the Sergeants and PEs.

I wasn't psyched about the Revvie Corral, since it left you to plink at a ton of Revvies from a shitty angle, so it turned into a slog. The Cyb reveal was a good shocker, though, and his enormous HP coupled with my minimal ammo, plus 2 Archies equaled several more SteveD pelts handed-over to GRB. With foreknowledge, maybe I could have tried to leave the Revvies alive, jump for the yellow key, and hope I survived long enough to start a Cyb/Revvie death fest, and who knows, maybe the Archies could have helped out or gotten killed. I did manage to plasma 1 Archie and maneuvered the Cyb into killing the other one.

At this point, I decided I didn't have the firepower to comfortably deal with the Cyb and went for the exit, only to discover it was a switch that triggered another trap. Critters were pouring out of everywhere, including – yay! – more PEs!!!! And another Archie. I prioritized the Revvies, then the PEs and Chaingunners, and finally went to ground to SSG the Archie. At this point all I had for ammo was 17 shells, plus a living Cyb I had no way of killing, so to the exit I went.

Keyboarders have to be careful in this map to avoid getting cornered by meat walls in the early stages, but it's also tough in the open with Manc spray-fire all around you. There's some ledge-sniping Revvies and some high Arachnotrons that are gimme kills, but that's about it for the cheap-'n-easy stuff. Once the Cyb and Archies are unleashed, it's tough on the ground, so I went upstairs, but that was cautious play and not super-exciting, and the angle on monsters below wastes a lot of ammo. More ammo – especially cell ammo – would be nice. Once you trigger the final trap, it's conceivable that you can cheese the map by running past a bunch of critters to jump onto the exit.

All in all, it's a hectic, brass-knuckle death-punch from GRB. You didn't expect to be pampered, did you? ;)

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Nice map GRB! I rage quit accidentally on my first couple deaths at the yellow key room, and I overwrote it with my last play, sorry. Here's my demo of it. A lot of consequences for little rewards, but I'm always appreciative of maps with SSGs, backpacks, and 50+ shells. I think the ending was a bit anti-climactic compared to the cyberdemon + 2 archviles trap. I think because all the monsters are deaf. If they could be awoken by noise they could flood into the main room. Still pretty cool though :)

Managed to get a cyberdemon blown up by an archvile :)

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