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a BIG change? (FDp1)

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well the focus of freedoom is DONT copy (in some aspects) the original doom, i know the attention of FreeDoom Phase 1 is low but they copy the original doom in 2 aspects:

1st: We have maps that still copy a little the original like C1M9.

2st: The main Chapters (1 to 3) follow exactly theme of doom: Tech - Tech+Hell - Hell.

Well i think of we can do something like this, Chapter 1 still tech, because tech seen to be under control area for initial players dont think they hve already get in a dangerous area.
For Second chapter i think of pure hell is better and help to dont follow the doom concept, and for episode 3 it can be a void or...? something like this : http://ultradownloads.com.br/papel-de-parede/Espiral-gigante/ in this gallery you can see some images of "something" of i propose to be in third chapter, is like a unreal universe where hell and techs combines.

Final note: It is a heavy change for freedoom and need of maps rebuild and changes well i can do it whitout poblems but i want to know about the public is everyone ok whit that idea?

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Space maps yes! But spacey areas can vary by port and need more testing.

We can always shuffle maps by theme. E4 should not be touched.

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I don't think the two problems you point out are connected to each other, they can be tackled separately:

1) Copycat maps need to be identified and modified or entirely replaced.

2) I don't like difference for the sake of being different. But the idea of an abstract space theme sounds interesting if implemented properly.

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if maps going to be "replaced" or "reworked again" im going to ask to keep my slots as im going to do my own work to "rework" or "replace them" i dont want someone else do it. if freedoom project leaders decide to do this i hope they have the last word on what kind of theme going to follow the episodes so i can reworks my maps to fit the theme they decide

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