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Super Demon

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What is this?
Super Demon is a custom PvP game mode for Zandronum. Essentially one person out of a group of players will be randomly selected as the boss (which is dependent on the map). If you are the boss, your objective is to kill all the players on the map. Likewise, if you aren't the boss your goal is to work with other players to kill the boss.

How to set up?
All you have to do is start a server, join it, and type in "setup" in the rcon panel. This command will setup all the necessary flags and go to the correct starting map. Do keep in mind that this mod is multi-player only.

Currently Grandvoid hosts this for us. If you are too lazy to do any of the stuff above, just CTRL+F "Super Demon" on your server browser to join.

- 23 unique bosses
- 23 custom maps
- Custom weapons
- Rewards for killing the boss

Start Map: Boss01
End Map: Boss23

Download | Mirror

Common Questions


How do I switch weapons as the boss?
Press altfire.

Help! The screen is too red when I get hurt!
Turn down blood-brightness in options -> display options

How do I activate my reward?
Press 'use inventory'. By default it should be the ENTER key.

Does this work on other mappacks such as Cybercrime3 Onslaught DM, etc?
No. Sorry.

Is boss selection *actually* random?
It's not random. It basically goes down the list of players one-by-one.

Why do the bosses have so much health?
Their health is dependent on the amount of players in-game. Less people = less health.

Why do these bosses have imp hands?
Lack of sprites mainly.

This boss is OP! Nerf/buff x and y!
All bosses can be defeated. Trust me we've tested this thoroughly. In-fact you could say that some of them are actually too weak.

Will there be updates to this?
Aside from "fixes", no there will be no updates to this. This is a finished product.

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Sorry for bump, but thanks for the feedback guys.

I was wondering, if I wanted to submit this to the idgames archive who do I contact? It exceeds the 50 mb limit stated in the FAQ.

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Catastrophe said:

I was wondering, if I wanted to submit this to the idgames archive who do I contact? It exceeds the 50 mb limit stated in the FAQ.

You're pretty screwed then.

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The person to contact is Ty Halderman. Files over 50MB generally get accepted (unless they violate other rules).

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