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Doom Comic 2k9 (Doom: Untitled)

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While you guys spent 2009 playing Wolfenstein or having hardcore sex, I was entering or leaving Freshmen Year of High School, and I was bored during my Study Halls and drew up my own Doom Comic. It has little plot, at first, but I never finished it, so it ends without much plot. Dialogue was shit, I was starting to draw a bit more (What else was Study Hall for?) but I was experimenting with shading more than anything, and I kept forgetting to draw backgrounds. I think the plan was to redraw this on the computer at some point with illustrator, which is why there was only a blank space for the title card, which I crammed into a corner and have since replaced with a Doom logo, for the purposes of this upload.

After several years of masturbating to anything that came across my eyes, I finally dug this dirty, worthless gem up from a stack of old high school papers I was getting ready to toss (And still haven't). These are the unedited scans, with uncensored obscenity and scenes of violence, and untouched images to give you the most vanilla of experiences. Wet your dicks, prepare to roll your eyes, and waste roughly ten minutes to read this. I present you, Doom Comic 2k9, AKA Doom: Untitled.

Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
Page Six
Page Seven

Or, instead of clicking individual links, here's a link to the whole thing: Click Me Roughly

Source Book v


For help understanding the plot, which probably shouldn't be hard, --but the first order of pages and what happens in the beginning may seem weird--read this.

A shuttle carrying Our Hero arrives to Phobos. Meanwhile a Marine and his buddy Jon (No relation) go into the Phobos/Deimos (It's not made clear) underground, as Jon thinks he's found a valuable gem. When he grabs it, a portal to Hell opens (That vagina looking thing) and Jon is killed, and the other Marine is possessed. During that, Our Hero is loading crates near E1M1: Hangar into that locked room we can't otherwise get into. Hell (literally) breaks loose, and when OH turns his back, everyone apparently died ten feet away from him without his knowing. Other Marines try to fight, but are gruesomely (TOTALLY SICK, DUDE!) pulled apart by Imps. I think the story is relatively easy to follow from there, s I'll skip ahead.

A guy named Baron Marks finds the Lord of Heresy (Straight Outta Realm667-wood by Tormentor "Weird Torm" 667) and, after spouting a masterful bit of dialogue, is transformed into a Hell Baron (Because Doom movie). Or at least this is vaguely implied when a Guy named Baron dies, a Baron of Hell appears, dies, and drops Baron's dogtags. The Heresy then steals Dr. Ishii's lines from Doom 3 (Note that this part is read a little differently. The two short rows are read, and then the big reveal panel with LoH in it at the end of both of them), talks about how demons can't be killed by mortals, and is then killed ("CONSIDER ME AN ANGEL!").

After this the story was supposed to kick in, but I think my younger self realized this was complete shit so he stopped. If you don't catch it, we cut to the Spidermind and the Cyberdemon talking about immortality and stuff, and an Arch Vile is sent to revive LoH. Basically, the idea was that the Demons wanted to pull off their invasion without a hitch, and they figured that they would be immortal. But, opening a portal to Human Realm causes the Demons become subject to death (Though, when they die, they just go back to Hell, which sorta contradicts the Arch Vile's purpose, but we can assume that he's meant to revive them where they stand in order to cut down on air fare). The alt to this, though, is when the Demons get killed in Hell, they are sent to the Biblical fires of Gehenna.

So basically, the invasion is just the demons waiting for some fool to touch their jewels, as opposed to science and teleporters and shit. And somehow they'd still make it to Hell. And odds our, OH's dialogue would continue to be like "Ouch!" "Huh?" "Hell..." "Sonuva..." "Mmmph"

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Reminds me of similar doodle drawings I would scribble in high school. These are pretty good, and actually make me want to doodle Doom stuff again. Something about Doom is so absolutely perfect for killing time in class. Demons and shotguns, beautiful isn't it? Wish I had kept some of my better ones now. Damn.

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I didn't care for any of the build-up or dialogue parts, but reading through the action parts was fun. Nice comic.

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Jaxxoon R said:

The Doomguy in the first panel looks like the demons himself, that rat face.

Yah, not until I dug it up again did I realize that it looked as if everyone was some kind of dog under their helmet. I forgot that the helmet didn't ave much of a snout, but this was easier to draw, I guess? Personally, I like that pilot guy, too.

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