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Heretic 3 weapons (new effects)

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Yes. But why do you even make these weapon modifications, and what do you expect from posting them here? That's what I was asking. It's hard to tell, because you don't speak much.

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I see, like what scifista42 said:

OK, so you take weapons from Realm667 and maybe slightly modify them, but what's the point?

Doom isn't about "LOOK A NEW GAMEPLAY WAD THIS WILL BE THE NEXT BRUTAL DOOM HORRAY". It's more about Community Projects and "Hello everyone, I haven't posted on DW in a while, but here is a new project which I have been designing for a while." But remember:

Don't start on big projects. You will work and woRK and WORK AND WORK AND WORK and you don't even know what you are doing half of the time.
- Kitty0706; Garry's Mod Bible of Kitty0706.

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