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Polyobject doors that don't close!

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Hey there,

Does anyone here know much about polyobjects at all? I found tutorials on how to make sliding doors ages a go and they've been serving well since...but what I can't find is any information on how to make them slide open, and keep them open.

I've tried using all manner of options in GZDoom builder to try and keep them open but no luck as I get a little confused about them at times.

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I had tried that, but it doesn't seem to work with the switch..which I don't understand as that is how interact-able things are commonly dealt with. I've tried it both on the wall itself and a switch on another wall.

The thing is, I want two switches, to make the wall move in one of two directions. Even trying just the one switch for one direction for now doesn't work, it doesn't move. Don't quite know what I am doing wrong.

But the door method works save for it closing again unfortunately.


Ahh, finally got it to work, I didn't quite understand which move command to use...I was trying an overly complex one that just wasn't working.

But thanks for the reply anyway, I now know which one you meant to try -_-

Don't quite know where my brain went today.

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