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Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions series demos [-complevel 9]

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1 hour ago, PrBoomerJuice said:

I tried getting the secret for the 21 max and, um, let's call it a skill issue

All the UV-MAX runners too afraid of a little bit of platforming. 😔

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10 minutes ago, 4shockblast said:

Er, I did this run back during .00 demos month, posted it, but forgot the zip.

And still got three likes regardless :P

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On 1/15/2023 at 3:53 PM, NoisyVelvet said:

Abyssal Speedmapping Session #69 - pt 3

Map01 UV-Max in 4:55 - ASS69_301m455.zip


ASS69 is a treasure trove of non-trivial tablefills.  This could probably be its own thread too, dunno.  Alongside all the other speedmap projects this month things might be a bit overloaded.  But, anyways...

Perhaps you're right, ASS69 could be its own thread tbh. Not sure what others think of it.


Speaking of ASS69:

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 69 (Part 3: Experimental) Map 15 UV-Max in 0:08.51.

Map 15 UV-Speed in 0:49.83.

Map 15 Pacifist in 0:54.80.

Map 15 NM-Speed in 0:54.83. (Also Pacifist)

Map 15 UV -fast in 0:10.66.

Map 15 Nomo in 0:08.97.


Map 15s Pacifist in 0:07.97.

Map 15s NM-Speed in 0:10.34.

Map 15s Nomo in 0:06.77.


All Also Reality.










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