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Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions series demos [-complevel 9]

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4shockblast said:


:) gg, I don't want to grind for that.

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Congrats! I specifically placed the monsters to make this kind of rush to be hard. :D

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rehelekretep said:

requesting 4shockblast's forum title change to 'Grindmaster' :p

I'm pretty sure this took him less than 10 attempts, so not the best example haha.

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Session 1 Map 3 UV Max in 1:17
Session 2 Map 3 UV Max in 1:44
Session 7 Map 7 UV Max in 0:26
Session 19 Map 11 UV Max in 0:43
Session 25 Map 17 UV Speed in 0:01
Session 26 Map 3 UV Speed in 0:06


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Revved said:

Session 25 Map 17 UV Speed in 0:01
Session 26 Map 3 UV Speed in 0:06

Session 25 Map 17 UV-Speed in 0:00.91.
Session 26 Map 03 Pacifist in 0:05.97.

Not the most keyboard-friendly type of runs. :) @Andy, Revved's aby2603 is also pacifist.


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Packs make more sense with ASS, for the most part :).

Session 7 Map 01 (Mugsy) UV-Max in 1:04
Session 7 Map 07 (Katamori) UV-Max in 0:24
Session 7 Map 07 (^) Pacifist in 1:28 (lol)
Session 12 Map 03 (Mugsy) UV-Max in 2:58
Session 15 Map 02 (Pinchy) UV-Max in 2:06
Session 19 Map 08 (Breezeep) UV-Max in 2:30 (love the visuals here)
Session 25 Map 13 (Pinchy) UV-Max in 2:50

Session 15 needs Plutonia


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Just going to take some time to fill some ASS sessions with max/speed runs whenever max/speed make sense to record. Will not go for more than a couple exits for too long unless I enjoy the run. Starting with session 1:

Map 01 UV-Max in 2:32. (Osiris Kalev)
Map 01 Pacifist in 0:17.
Map 02 UV-Max in 1:08. (Gifty)
Map 04 UV-Max in 5:08. (General Rainbow Bacon)

Map 03 already has a max and pacifist on DSDA. None of the runs or maps here were particularly fun, so this is mostly awful filler runs.


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Let's keep the DSDA alive with more bad ASS fillers.

Session 11

Map 01 UV-Max in 1:09. (Mugsy)
Map 02 UV-Max in 0:50. (Obsidian)
Map 02 Pacifist in 0:14.
Map 03 UV-Speed in 0:49. (Minigunner)
Map 04 UV-Max in 2:22. (4shockblast)
Map 04 Pacifist in 0:24.
Map 05 UV-Max in 3:49. (Jimmy)
Map 05 Pacifist in 0:37.
Map 05 Tyson in 12:30.
Map 06 UV-Max in 2:12. (Unholypimpin)
Map 06 Pacifist in 2:12.

Including a fixwad for map03 that is required to play back the UV-Speed for map 3 (otherwise it's not possible in cl9).


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