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A launcher with an auto warp feature?

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I'm looking for a launcher that can automatically warp to the proper map in a pwad (instead of doing it manually).
Risen3d launcher is great for this, but I need that kind of a launcher for zdoom/gzdoom pwads as well.

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You need to more specific with your description.

Edit: I think I know what you mean. The first level specified in the pwad (say blah.wad was using map29, and the launcher reads this and would goto map29 instead have having to tell it to goto map29).

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Don't know if I can help solve the crashes, what version of Windows are you running? Supporting GZDoom is easier, just a matter of editing an unused engine config file or creating a new one.

Create a file named gzdoom.cfg in LaunchTool's engines folder, open it in Notepad, copy/paste the following (everything between the lines) into it and save. You should then be able to add GZDoom to the list of engines supported by LaunchTool through its Setup gadget.

type = "LaunchTool engine file";

realname = "GZDoom";
executable = "gzdoom.exe";
demoext = "lmp";

	wad = "WAD files";
	deh = "Dehacked files";
	lmp = "Lump files";
	pk3 = "PK3 files";

	opengl = "Use OpenGL";
	nosound = "No sound";
	nomusic = "No music";
	nosfx = "No sound FX";
	cdrom = "CD-ROM play";
	devparm = "Development mode";

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GreyGhost said:

LaunchTool is part way there, clicking on its "ticked folder" gadget will set the lowest numbered map in a selected wad as the start map.

How will it work with (G)Zdoom map markers that don't follow the ExMy/MAPxx convention?

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