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Intermission text within clusters?

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Hi all,

I've been expressing this particular issue in an old thread among other discussions so in order to clarify the situation and summarize what I've tried so far I decided to open a dedicated thread.

To begin with, I'm working on a set of Doom maps in Doom format, to work on ZDoom, using Doom Builder 2, XWE and WhackEd4.

My original concern was to be able to have a "intermission" text in the very beginning of my wad, before the first map starts.
It turned out to be impossible (at least without any scripting, which I want to avoid), so I changed my plans and came up with an "introduction map" that will serve as a prologue.

Now, my current concern is about hiding the intermission "stats" screen between the prologue and the actual "MAP01" but still having an intermission text giving some background to the player.

I messed around with the MAPINFO lump, clusters, hubs and NoIntermission command lines, with no success.

I actually just realized something. As far as I know, the intermission texts can only be displayed between 2 different clusters.
In order for NoIntermission to work, I need the 2 maps to be part of the same Hub. BUT, in ZDoom a Hub is a cluster on its own, so in theory it's impossible to skip the stats screen but still force an intermission text screen to appear.

Does that make sense to you? Can you think of any hack to trick the source port?

Thanks for reading and, perhaps, sharing your thoughts. ;)

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tomatoKetchup said:

In order for NoIntermission to work, I need the 2 maps to be part of the same Hub.

No, you don't need it. Make 2 clusters and add "nointermission" into the map definition of the last map of the first cluster. This simple code worked for me in ZDoom and did just what you wanted: When I exited MAP01, no stats were shows, but I've seen the intermission exittext.

map MAP01 "A" {
  cluster = 1
  next = MAP02

map MAP02 "B" {
  cluster = 2

clusterdef 1 {
  exittext = "huh"

clusterdef 2 {}

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