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Punchin' Stuff

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Do you like punchin' stuff? You're damn right you do. Guns are for big-time weenies!

So I speedmapped something, and for me that means it took three days, because I map reeeaaal slow-like. Your only weapon is a berserk pack, and through a terrible DeHacked patch, mancubi and arachnotrons can be punched out too. It looks kind of stupid because their sprites can clip through the walls a little now, but oh well. Boom format, Map 01, difficulties implemented, sky made by Plums.



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In all honesty I would have been comfortable punching normal sized mancubi and arachnatrons, but I appreciate the gesture. :)

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failed first attempt on HNTR. 3 deaths, does not finish

Sorry to say I found this map frustrating.*

It seems the large-radius monsters are still quite awkward to punch in non-ZDoom, even if they are slimmed down via Dehacked.

The unevenness of the floor didn't help either. Melee/tyson maps rely on the player having extremely good control over his movements, with which an uneven floor interferes. Again I believe air control is something ZDoom improves upon, but the map was advertised as a Boom map.

Finally, I found myself trying to melee in rather cramped pitch darkness. This is bad enough at the best of times (i.e. having a rapid fire weapon with lots of ammo for it), but trying to run up to and hit things I can't see, and dodge incoming fire when I can't see an attack begin (with my already admittedly poor reaction times), turned out to be prohibitively frustrating.

So, after my third death, I didn't feel like starting again, and gave up.

That said, I did not spot any gameplay bugs before my premature demise. This map is attractively designed, and the author clearly has a good technical understanding of Doom mapping.

* I realise, in light of 200minvr map29, this may be seen as hypocritical.

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FDA on -skill 2 (HNTR), failed anyway, I gave up after fighting for my life for a long time and then failing to evade an archvile. Pretty good map, I have to say. Impressive looking, fairly tough, varied, while still feeling like one compact place. I didn't like the music at first, but I've accustomized quickly. Nice usage of DEHACKED (unpickable chainguns). Well done.

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Nice map! I have a loooooong FDA for you because I died a lot. I eventually ran out of time yesterday and had to quit, then I had another go at it this morning and nailed it the first time! herp. UV-Max (I forgot the two shotgun guys though, but got 100% anyway from some resurrected monsters from the archviles)

I'll have to agree with the sentiments about floor detail. It was a lot harder than I anticipated because of it. I didnt expect things to be so claustrophobic, and the smaller mancs and arachnatrons surprised me sometimes, as they could fit in places they wouldnt be able to, or still dodge my blows somehow. Never realized how low the arachnatrons and mancubus' pain chance is when I'm not shooting them with SSG!

In the future I'd probably recommend swapping the the start and exit room situation somehow. The monster swarm in the beginning was easily the most frustrating part. I eventually made a habit of going for the cacodemon in the green armor room first, but the lack of monster block lines on the details made this happen more often than I am comfortable with while I was trying to punch out the remaining monsters.

Anyway, it was frustrating, but tantalizingly addictive. So I had fun with it. Looking forward to more of your maps. :)

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Hey, thanks for the demos and uh, well, just for playing this in general! I'll have to watch these when I get home tonight.

I normally play in GZDoom, so punching stuff is easier, of course, as is traversing "bumpy" floors. I did test in Prboom+ a time or two, though. Next time I'll take the floors into account, sorry 'bout that. I kind of wanted it to be somewhat claustrophobic and difficult, though, but not frustratingly so...

@40oz: Heh, Thanks for sticking with it! Yeah, the smaller hitboxes definitely don't match the sprites. I tried shrinking them, But since I have no artistic talent at all, that... did not turn out well haha. Good advice with the blocking lines on detail, though, didn't consider that at all.

@Scifista42: Thanks for giving it a shot anyway. And come on, who doesn't like Super Metroid music?! ;)

@RjY: I seem to have the habit of making dark maps. I suppose it was kind of a dick move in a tyson map, though. Thanks for playing anyway!

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I didn't like the music at first, because the instruments sounded out of tune (or just unpleasant to my ears) and slightly too loud at the same time. I think I've heard a different MIDI track of the same song which I've liked better. But as I said, I got accustomized - and eventually, I didn't mind the instruments anymore and I could dive my full attention into the game.

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I really enjoy tyson gameplay and this map was no exception. Here are some general comments:

- The dehacked patch was a nice touch and I didn't notice any particularly bad clipping issues while playing.

- The staircase out of the fleshy pit was a bit awkward and I wasn't sure if there was a blockmonster line half way down or if the demons were just too stupid to get to the bottom. That said, it's not really a problem unless you're playing quite passively as I was doing.

- The spectre in the closet with the two revenants also managed to take a bite out of me on more than one occasion due to the lighting. Sneaky.

- The final encounter felt a little bit too easy, but it was cathartic to gib all the imps nonetheless.

Overall this map was fantastic. I'd love to see more like it. Here's a max demo in 4:18* I hastily threw together: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/attachment.php?postid=1360107

edit: replaced demo as i knocked over a minute off the time by playing more aggressively. a fun way to avoid work.

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OP: You can reduce wide-sprite clipping issues with small-radius monsters by placing monster blocking lines next to walls in areas where you put these monsters.

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