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Hopefully a MIDI Repository Soon (Accountability Thread)

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I write music occasionally, but I'm not very productive. I've completed only one track all year, and it was during a self-directed speed-composing challenge at that. (This is it, after a bit of polishing.) Nothing I've tried to make normally has gone past 24 bars.

My goal: Write at least 30 seconds of music a day. Draft at least one complete track a week.

Isolated snippets don't count. Because I have a lot of those already. Assorted examples: snippet #1, snippet #2, snippet #3, snippet #4, snippet #5.

That's sort of the problem. My process is usually: 1) hear a musical idea, usually either eight or sixteen bars long; 2) arrange it in MIDI very quickly, usually within 5-15 minutes; 3) lose interest, because I've heard what I wanted to hear.

I have some music training, but that doesn't even matter. My goal for now isn't to produce tracks that are particularly good (or suitable as Doom bgm) -- just tracks that are complete!

Anyway, I'll update regularly. Please point your finger at me and call me a poopyhead if I fail at this.

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Update: This thread is working already! The possibility of being called a poopyhead by anonymous internet strangers is a strong motivator.

Today went well. I completed the first draft of a new track in about an hour or so.


I might end up extending the second section (1:34 onward) for added contrast and transposing the whole track down a semitone or two.

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So, basically a Realm 667 of sorts for original MIDI compsitions for use in Doom Wads? Neat, I like the idea.

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