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What song is this?

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Wow, thanks! That was quick. I got banned from music banter for "plugging" doomworld. How ridiculous is that. That frickin' pissed me off quite royally. So I can't post in the thread where the guy who was looking for that song to tell him you guys found it.

You're right, Shazam did find it. It failed on the first track I asked about. I never use shazam so I didn't bother trying on this track. I only jus downloaded it when I was trying to identify the first track. Thanks again.

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Hellbent said:

It failed on the first track I asked about.

It's bound to do that. Shazam isn't a penultimate collection of all music made but it'll tell you if it recognizes your song or not. The first song in this thread was one specifically recorded for the trailer you posted, hence why you needed to follow the link in the video description to figure out who did it or what it was called.

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