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Help with PK3.

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I have a question about importing a PK3 file to design a level. I used to have textures from Tormentor667 (Realm667 repository) and I did add few actors, plus I added music. I would show you one exclamation point on GZDoom Builder I've could of Screenshot that error, but I reformatted my PC. GZDINFO problems with Zombie Henchman.

So my PK3 file has directories: Actors, (subfiles:monster/weapon), Music, Textures, Flats, and Sounds, and Map.

It's actually my first time experiencing PK3 files with directories, I find PK3 files confusing for me. I did toy with .WAD files, using custom monsters like on DECORATE
#include "CYBRU" (Cybruiser)
#include "TORSO" (Tortured Soul)
#include "ZOMHEN" (Zombie Henchman)

Can you link or explain how to use subdirectories on a PK3 file for mapping, monsters, textures and music.
Cheers and Thank you

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The Zdoom wiki contains an entire page dedicated to explaining PK3 folder structures and how to use them. On that wiki to which you will find a link on the Zdoom homepage you enter 'PK3' into the search bar to find relevant topics, or you browse around.

It is very easy to do, and find the exact pages you need to read.

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