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TNT: Evilution Speedrunning Tricks

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Hello all! I figured this would be the most appropriate place to post about this. Originally I was going to post it in the Speed Demos forum, but it seemed to stress "demos". I wasn't too sure how lenient forumgoers are to YouTube. I read the FAQ and such before posting, though I'm sure I've managed to mess this up somehow. Apologies for the clutter if this thread is in the wrong place, or if I'm speaking out of turn.

To the actual video I have, well, to give you the very basic run down of it, it's a collection of tricks for TNT: Evilution for the first 15 levels. I've watched both stx-Vile's and Istan's runs, and while I was playing through the game, I happened upon this stuff, which I'm not sure was in either of their runs. I heard a new TAS run of Evilution was in the works, so I wanted to share what I found, on the off chance it would help. Here's a link to my video:


Sorry about the music. I was going to do a demo style video, but my recording wasn't synced properly, so I just muted the track and put some music in. I hope you like the video, I hope that it helps, and I hope it's in the right spot! If all goes well, I'd be happy to actually finish the game to see what else I may stumble upon.

Thanks for your time!

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