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Revisiting an old map

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A few years ago, I made a big map for zdoom called "Infernal Fortress" and released on an hispanic forum, but not anywhere else, until now

Download Infernal Fortress

This version is a little different from the original, all zdoom functions (like slopes) were removed, along with a decorate monster (replaced with dehacked) and some areas that required jumping or crossing things from upside, wich would make impossible to play in sourceports with infinitelly tall actors. Other than that, it remains the same as it looked back then.

Almost inmediately after releasing it, I started working on a remake (I was quite inspired back then) called Infernal Fortress 2, this time in zdoom in hexen format, to see what could I do with hexen functions and scripts. And after 2 months I released on the same site, and later on /idgames as f.infer2. It was also used on the infamous chillax as map 20.

After 4 years I decided to give this map a better look and (hopefully) better gameplay, also converting the whole map to boom.

Download Infernal Fortress 2.1
Screenshots: http://imgur.com/T6OkZIU,JKT23ML,trW9Nii,OJc9Zcn,E12oNSI,QqkFp6G,weLiL9y,QAXizld,kl97bX3,o2Kkc8c,5u1kNxa,Mqd2z0o
(delete the space between the / and T, I can't figure how to fix this)

So yeah, if you like mindless BFG carnage, you should try them. Any suggestion, critissism and opinion is welcome.

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Bump. I noticed a slime trail on the last area, so now it's fixed, download link is the same.

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