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Welcome to BROODAL DOOM!


The world has been darkened and made grayer, as well as a knife added to your arsenal, in order to make doom DARKER and EDGIER!

Music has been altered to a soundtrack of OVER 15 songs by LINKIN PARK! Relive your teenage years and brood in the darkness about how much you hate your parents.

BROODAL DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixy2xdr4iqa28d5/BROODAL.zip?dl=0

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The knife makes a punch sound when hitting an enemy. Please fix it by deleting the mod.

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There is not enough blood, damn it man you had one job!

Now being serious now, if you intend to really capitalize on this joke then make eveything bleed until the map is red and make everything scream obnoxiously loud on a 2 minute loop upon receiving one simple hit from any weapon.

Also add one liners consisting of Nicolas Cage quotes please.

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AD_79 said:

you're really living life on the EDGE

It might work on the EDGE source port

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scifista42 said:

Please fix it by deleting the mod.

Best reply of whole thread, I actually laughed out loud at this

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Glaice said:


I can't, in order to fix something I needed to delete the mod :C

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