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Do you think you can finish this Heretic void map?

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Hello, I was working on this level for HPack (Heretic GZDoom mission pack) in a very special way: I was doing it on Worldcraft 3 for Halflife and running a utility I made (called MAPtoWAD) to convert it to GZDoom 3D floors.

At some point I got tired of it (and noticed some GZDoom performance limitations if I go wild with 3D floors) so I kinda stopped it. In the meantime I announced my quitting from HPack, and unfortunately the level was discarded instead of being picked by someone else.

The entire structure: I first made a structure, then copy-pasted it in Worldcraft 8 more times to form a 3x3x3 repetition in 3D.

Editing it by GZDoom Builder is a total chore, because when I place things I have to set their correct Z coordinates from the 2D editor (visual mode won't help me because its sight range is too small). Light levels are also a serious issue, I have to find the control sectors that I need (which have their heights only stored on vertices) and set their light levels. To say nothing when I have to add a new 3D floor that overlaps others on the map... What I should do is retrieve the original .map file and edit that with Worldcraft... Fortunately I have all files.

Here's a screenshot:

Do you think you can complete this map to have a fair gameplay progression and an exit? :)

Link to the level in its current state: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5103936/hpack/shipeter.zip

* h5m5.map: the Half-life format map, the one edited with Worldcraft.
* h5m5.wad: the GZDoom-Heretic map, generated by MAPtoWAD, set up through SLADE, node-built with a utility.
* MAPtoWADb.exe: the frozen MAPtoWAD executable that uses Baker's Legacy textures.
* shipeter.pk3: the resource pack that needs to be used alongside h5m5.wad in GZDoom
* shipeterhwad.wad: the Half-Life texture wad to be used with Worldcraft. NOT A HERETIC WAD.

HOW TO USE: (Windows only for now sadly)
* Download Worldcraft 3.3. MUST BE THAT VERSION (or more, but not HAMMER EDITOR). It uses Half-Life, not Quake maps.
* Load the HALF LIFE TEXTURE WAD shipeterhwad.wad into Worldcraft. IT IS NOT a Doom wad!
* Open the map h5m5.map with Worldcraft and edit it.
* When wanting to test, don't compile it from Worldcraft; instead open the command prompt and run MAPtoWADb.exe with the map, outputting a TEXTMAP lump.
* Use SLADE to import that TEXTMAP into a WAD.
* Run a nodebuilder on that WAD
* Play that WAD with GZDoom and Heretic.wad.

TEXTURE CREDITS: Baker's Legacy texture pack. From Realm667.

Disclaimer: MAPtoWADb.exe is done by me and only by me. It also has the source code here. It may be more modern than what I have in the ZIP, but the one in the ZIP works (or hopefully works). I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY AND NO WARRANTIES, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Or you can disregard all this and just use GZDoom Builder, good luck!

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