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2 new sources for weapons

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hey guys ive been asking around to see who can help with freedoom and found 2 posssible souces for new weapons. i recently talked with noozearts and he said he would be willing to create new shotguns for freedoom, he did warn however that it could take him some time and that he would have some trouble matching the style

below is an example of a WIP of his

i think it is a good idea, even if the texture looks a tad too clean, we could always add grit, with displacement maps, and its not every day you find someone is willing to model a weapon from scratch for free

the second source comes from the game gloomy dungeons. i recently talked with the develper and he agreed to provide the weapon models next week, so we can render weapons out of them, the two below look very promising i think, and even if theyre angled, with the models we could render them centered, plus soda finally gets his chainsaw :P

i actually stumbled across gloomy dungeons while googling for freedoom, the developer had trouble finding art for his game, so he used freedoom assets for the first version


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Hm, not totally sure about those models, they look a bit plasticy. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to give them a nice new texture, though, as you mentioned.

I still want to tackle the photo weapons someday if there are no weapon replacements by then. I've still got the shitty broken chainsaw I used to make that older sprite, though I'd do it all over from scratch.

I think it'd be fun (and just a good idea in general) to have the community discuss ideas for physical items, such as a particular airsoft or other toy gun that anyone thinks would make for a good sprite, or even improv stuff like certain types of tubing or something. That way, good ideas can be agreed upon in advance, rather than deal with bikeshedding on something made without community input.

Of course, I don't want to step on anyone's toes. If any other (high quality) effort makes significant progress, I won't do it. I think I'll make some draft/mockups soon for example purposes, maybe make it a little weekend project or something.

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revilution from zdoom forums has agreed to animate and render the gloomy dungeons models

soda even if we get new weapons now, you can still make a replacement for those. lets remember that as an open source project it is natural for freedoom to continue to change over time, and part of freedoom purpose is to create a resource library for aspiring game makers, as such replaced freedoom stuff doesnt have to go to waste, but becomes part of an expanded resource.

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raymoohawk said:

part of freedoom purpose is to create a resource library for aspiring game makers, as such replaced freedoom stuff doesnt have to go to waste, but becomes part of an expanded resource.

You know, that's a really good point I hadn't considered. I just simply want to avoid feeling like I've wasted effort or cause others to feel like they've wasted effort, but it's not like some other project out there can't use perfectly good assets from the attic.

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I have thought about an eternity or zdoom mod that uses every possible freedoom resource. There are several monster sprite and weapon sprite sets. Old weapons can use the old weapon pickup sprites. Tons of flats and patches as well.

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