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Valiant + Sawdust demos [-complevel 11]

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Map27 UV Max in 11:47.46



Sadly many mistakes... Will revisit this probably months later or whatnot.


Thanks Nev for the original routing. Made a bit of improvement here and there. Also thanks David for letting me know there's Nev's demo, or I'll never find out what "valiant_old" is for :P




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UV max

Map 01 - 2:48.14
Map 02 - 2:36.49
Map 03 - 1:42.06
Map 04 - 3:49.57
Map 05 - 4:18.51
Map 06 - 8:07.23
Map 07 - 3:26.54
Map 08 - 4:15.31
Map 09 - 8:39.69
Map 10 - 9:42.37
Map 11 - 6:44.03
Map 12 - 5:59.17
Map 13 - 9:48.83


Episode 1 - 30:01
Episode 2 - 43:40


This WAD deserves more UV max entries. I'm more into duration battles, i.e. whole episodes, but did try to get at least a decent time on the IL's (by my standards, I'm not a Doom god).


More to come. I'm planning to make the set complete.

















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Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I am trying to play Valiant's Map 14 'Implosion' but when I pick up the blue key, the wall that is supposed to lower nearby makes the sound of lowering but never actually moves. I definitely have the latest version of Valiant from the idgames site and other people's demos play back correctly on my version. In their demos the wall comes down as it is supposed to. What could I be doing wrong? 

I have PrBoom-Plus and I use the command:

prboom-plus -iwad doom2.wad -complevel 11 -file valiant.wad -warp 14 -record testingthewall

The complevel appears to be performing correctly because the suicide bombers work as expected and I sometimes get an arachnorb when the arachnatron dies. Any thoughts? 


Edit: I have found that on complevel 9 the wall DOES descend, but isn't complevel 11 supposed to be the right one for Valiant? I'm reluctant to record a demo that might not be valid.

Edit: No, on complevel 9 the suicide bombers don't do damage when they explode. So why won't the wall lower on complevel 11?

Edited by MathsDevil : I thought of more to say.

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Have you tinkered with any compatibility options in the menu? MBF allows for some variation in behavior based on those. Demos include options info, so their playback is not affected.

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Thanks for replying, Da Werecat. Which options do you think are most likely to affect the lowering of a wall? I can't remember which ones I might have altered, could have been a long time ago. I never knew MBF behaved like that.

Is there anywhere I can get the 'virgin' list of compatibility options so I can just put them all back? Is this the safest thing to do to make sure that Valiant and other MBF megawads behave as expected?

I just experimented with the settings and found that setting 'Use Exactly Doom's Floor Motion Behaviour' to 'No' allows the wall to come down as expected!

However, just in case I am missing anything else less obvious in Valiant maps etc., I really want to know how to have all of the settings for peace of mind. Thanks again for your help.

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I don't really know what settings Valiant was tested with, so I can't help with that, unfortunately. The safest way is probably to reset all settings. It can be done by deleting the *.cfg files.

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Thanks, Da Werecat, that's fine - you've been great for pointing me in the direction of those menu options, which I never suspected. I asked Decino by commenting on his YouTube video of Implosion and he told me to set all of the comp_  prefixed settings in the cfg file to value '1', so that's what I've done. 


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Oh no, that doesn't work! When I follow decino's instruction that sets all the yes/no lines to 'yes' but the floor only lowers in Map 14 if 'floor motion' option is set to 'no'. Changing that one option looks fine, but it's a little ad hoc and I don't want to miss other issues on other Valiant maps, so I really want to know what the options are supposed to be. *sigh*

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Valiant map 14 UV-max in 4:04.63


Kudos to tchkb for his sub 4 min run, but I'm really happy with this result myself. :D I didn't think I could even get close.


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Valiant episode 3 UV-max in 1:03:14


YYYYES! Finally able to beat a UV-max record! :D Mostly due to better routing, but also persistency, because dear god, this took so many tries (>100). I am no Doom god by any means. This time I couldn't be arsed with the individual levels (above entry excepted, because that's the first map of this episode anyway).


I literally jumped for joy after I finished. :D


YouTube video



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