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Looking for a certain game

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I remember playing a demo of it years ago that came on a game disc. It think the demo disc also had Revenant on it( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxESGanJxhM ).

It was a squad based tactical game of sorts where you controlled a squad of soldiers in a city that was infested with either demons or really demonic looking aliens and also soldiers (or perhaps they were gangs, don't know. Or zombies? It's been ages so I don't remember). It was so long I don't remember much about the game, but I do remember it having an extremely dark tone with missions taking place mostly at night and with the player often finding gruesome scenes of people having been brutally killed or absorbed into disgusting organic alien technology abominations thingies. You could also (I think) sometimes hear people scream in the distance. It was pretty gruesome. I don't really remember it was really impressive 2D or early 3D, or some mix of both. I think it was (but I could be wrong) a mix of both. Enemy soldiers would gib at least.

Anybody has a clue about what kind of game I am talking about?

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This is a wild guess based on your description, so skip to 6:18 in the video.;

a quik search for a magzine cover disk containing revenant led me to PC zone isseu #82 from 1999.

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FireFish said:

This is a wild guess based on your description, so skip to 6:18 in the video.;

Omg you found it I wasn't expecting that! The game looks pretty damn brutal. I might actually try and see if I can find that thing.

EDIT: Damn, it's actually on gamersgate http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-ABO/abomination-the-nemesis-project

I wasn't expecting that for such an old game. I just hope it works on windows 8.

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