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Submitting resource WAD

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My life's been really hard on me lately and I'd rather handle it effectively, so I think it's best that I take a hiatus here until I'm in a better state of mind. I'm (re)submitting some things I've been sitting on, just to get it out of the way.

Much of it is stuff I've already submitted but has not been committed. I do feel these would be better than what is currently there. There are a few things in there that I've not submitted before, such as the skies.

All work is either entirely my original work or derived in some way from existing Freedoom assets, with the exception of the shotgun and missile launcher sprites - partial credit goes to Eriance as I used his parts of his DE weapon pickup sprites, as well as the status bar being based on one by Da Werecat.

Download link is here.

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sorry to hear that, i hope things get better for you soon. your freedoom stuff looks very high quality to me, so heres hoping you will find time to come back to this

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Good luck with getting your life back on track.

My virus checker doesn't like that site, anyone else having problems downloading?

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i think there might have been a crediting error, the keys werent done by me, they where done by blox from zdoom forums, who asked to be credited as bloax (with an a)

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