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New 175 Monster, 8 secret map (GZDoom)

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Spent the past few weeks on this one, and am pretty proud of it. It's called Toxin Processing...not at all like Toxin Refinery.

Doom 2 Map01 replacement

Monster count: 175

Secrets: 8

Weapons available (excluding pistol): Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun

Keys: Red Card, Blue Card, and Yellow Card

Powerups: Backpack, Radiation Suits, Soulsphere, Berserk Pack

No required wads. Vanilla ready.

Suggested pk3s: SBrightmaps, Smoothdoom, Smoothtextures, PSXMUSIC, Lights



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Hi, this map is suuper super cramped, and it made it very unenjoyable to move around in. Coupled with no armor or health to be found very often I didn't really like it. Keep trying though! I can see the effort that was put into this, and that effort will surely pay off eventually.

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I agree with jmickle66666666 entirely, including the final encouragement. Let me add that the map had overly rectangular based layout (underwhelming) and numerous jarring texture misalignments (the misaligned doors were particularly offensive) - pay attention to alignment of texture seams, they shouldn't just wrap around a corner or sink into a wall or floor, it tends to look ugly.

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I agree with the others about the cramped space. And yes, more attention to the textures would do well. In my first run I reached the berserk pack, then I quitted. Seriously, the monsters are immediately stick to you from all sides that you cant almost react to the trap, and most of all you dont have armor, at all. In the second run I got past that trap because I found the secrets and I was aware of it. Now about the secrets: the first two dont have any hint; and than you put 4 secrets in sequence in the same area (and they was kinda obvious).
Some parts are interesting, the areas surrounding the outdoor courtyard are good! And I liked the style of the detail. Keep on working, this can become an interesting map imo!

EDIT: There are already 2 cacos guarding the soulsphere, that baron is unnecessary, you have only the shotgun and the chaigun to kill him.

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Holy cramped batman.

Doomguy needs his space when he brawls. 64 pixels simply ain't enough for a whole facilty. That's like having your personnel wonder around 4 foot wide halls to get anywhere!

Also there were a lot of instances where textures were clipping into oblivion rather than being used properly. If you were using UDMF, why not resize them on demand? Also, what's up with the BIGDOORs being clipped?


The column texture used in the first screenshot could have been resized to fit, while the second has an offending brown. support texture that could have been rotated in an image editor.

I think what might help is understanding architectural or scenic design in relationship to Doom.

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I appreciate all of your suggestions and will definitely be utilizing them in my next map. As far as resizing and textures goes, I did not know that you were able to do that. I have always wanted to but though we just kind of had to deal with the cards we were given.

I also am stoked at the positive feedback I received for it as well.

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BlackFish said:

If you're building GZDoom with UDMF, you can scale the wall textures. With floors and ceilings, you can also rotate them. You can also light up certain linedefs or flats of a sector to create interesting lighting effects.


Oh. That looks like a great tool. I've never tried making a map in UDMF format. I've just always gone with Zdoom (doom in doom format). But I will definitely be giving UDMF a try. I think I'll remake this map using the tips gathered here.

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Resizing the architecture itself to fit the textures is generally better (easier, cleaner, far more universal) than resizing textures to fit the architecture. Resized textures tend to look odd up to ugly, they don't auto-resize when you change architecture (all scale values must always be inserted/modified manually), and you can only do it in ZDoom UDMF or via ZDoom ACS script. Altering floor/ceiling height, wall length, or splitting a wall into 2 to manually align textures, is the preferable solution IMO, also independent on map format.

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Neither here nor there, I'm going to keep trying. My maps get exponentially better every time thanks to the constructive input here. Haha, oh man. Comparing Toxin Processing to Welcome To Hell (my first map from a few months ago)...boyyyyoh.

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