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Sprite Replacement problems

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Hey! I made a similar thread to this but I didn't state it very well and in the end I just assumed I had somehow been seeing things.

I just need help with replacing sprites. (Vanilla)
If I, say, make an image in Paint.NET using the Eyedropper tool and a separate tab with an image of the Doom palette, I want to insert this image which I can do, but it doesn't appear ingame. Instead it just has the original frame in place rather than the one I inserted.It... kind of works in Zandronum. The image is there but its colours are slightly messed up (this also happens on the preview image of my sprite in Slade), and also it's off-centered to the point of being in the floor. Any help?

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1. Replacing sprites in vanilla requires a DeHackEd patch that replaces the names of the sprites being replaced with the name of the new sprites. Look at the DeHackEd in Strain if you need an example.

2. Did you convert the sprites to the Doom palette? If so, did they convert cleanly? I can't help too much with this one considering I'm not sitting at your computer looking at it myself. :P

3. Use the Sprite Offset tool in SLADE: there's an option to auto-offset depending on the type of graphic, but you'll likely need to manually tweak it.

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1. Doom's software renderer uses a 256-index palette and cannot display other colours. All graphics should be in "Graphic(Doom)" format in SLADE3 - if they aren't, use SLADE3 to convert them (Graphic->Convert to). ZDoom-based ports can convert non-Doom graphics automatically, that's why it "kind of works" in Zandronum - but the palette in software renderer will always be limited to 256 colours as defined in PLAYPAL.

2. Sprites have X/Y offset values. If you leave them (0,0), your sprites will be obviously sunken into the floor. You can manually alter the offsets in SLADE3, below each sprite's preview image. You can also use one of the automatic functions to calculate offsets (Graphic->Modify GFX offsets).

3. There should be S_END marker placed below all sprites in your wad. Not S_START! Use SS_START if you want, it means nothing to vanilla, it's just for convenience to mark the block of sprite graphics inside your wad.

4. Vanilla exe doesn't support custom sprites with the same name as one of the stock sprite, unless ALL of them are replaced. You must either use DEHACKED string replacement trickery in combination with unique named sprites, or you must merge IWAD sprites with your wad using DEUSF.exe, or you must run the wad in Chocolate Doom with -merge command instead of -file, or you must use an advanced source port that supports custom sprites.

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