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Is there a way to add the Doom font to MS.paint?

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I've got a copy of Doomword that I could upload if you like. Also I'd recommend sticking with MS Paint considering it's Fill tool doesn't encroach on the letters like Paint.net's one does. Maybe there's an option to get rid of that, but I don't know what it is.

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All hail planet Doomworld!

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hardcore_gamer said:

Is there any way to add the Doom font to Ms.paint? Googling found me nothing so far.

I use Bitmap Font Writer with this set of fonts I threw together.

  • Install Bitmap Font Writer
  • Unzip the Doom fonts into Bitmap Font Writer's /fonts folder
  • Run Bitmap Font Writer and load a font
  • In Settings, set the fonts spacing to -1 (to get the same 1 pixel overlap as the IWAD graphics)
  • Start typing
  • Copy/paste the font image into MSPaint
  • ???
  • Profit

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Jaxxoon R said:

Microsoft paint is pretty the opposite of great

no u

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