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Is there any port that supports PWADs that require both Doom 2 and Heretic?

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I'd like to experiment with a Doom2/Heretic crossover wad, which would require using resources from both games. Unfortunately releasing such a PWAD would either require including too many resources from one IWAD (illegal) or depend on a script that reads an IWAD and completes the PWAD at the end-user (annoying). What would be useful to me is a source port that can load both Doom2 and Heretic IWADs and auto-adjust the palette and doomednums of the Heretic graphics and things not to overlap with Doom2's. Does any port do that?

I think GZDoom or ZDoom seems to have some sprite-name guarantee (so iron liches don't overlap with cacodemons) and also seem to autofix the palette. But can they load both IWADs without conflicts and also autofix the textures?

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If you want ZDoom's sprite renaming voodoo to work, you'd have to use Heretic as the IWAD, and Doom II as a PWAD.

The biggest problem is with the palette. You're not going to be able to tell it to use different palettes for different graphics.

The rest of the issues are easy enough to solve. For example, ednums can be redefined in MAPINFO now, and the cumulative texture loading should prevent conflicts between the PNAMES.

A possibility would be to have a big TEXTURES lump that'd apply a custom translation to all Heretic graphics so that they can fit approximatively in the Doom palette -- or even to set the colors explicitly to their original color, and it'll work in GZDoom. That's a task for a script to generate, though.

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