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I have a story to tell...

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I have a non-doom related story I will post unless you guys only want doom inspired stuff.

any takers? :)

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Go ahead and post it - there are already a few non-Doom releated stories in this forum.

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Well here it goes. Here's chapters 1-5 since you can't post more than 50,000 chacters. In total it's 10 chapters or 41 pages in book from.


"I spoke to the devil today, He told me about this and that, how the world is full of corruption and greed, he told me about how he was cast out of heaven because of his pride. Strange how many people have so much pride and never became damned, or sent to Hell. Strange how your friends seem to care for you and want you to have fun with them. But they don't. They really don't want you around them, they won't tell you to your face because you'll get upset or you'll start a fight. Or maybe, they really do care for you, it's just that you don't want to believe that do." Said Jesse.
"Do you feel neglected from your friends because of this?" Said the doctor.
"I feel alienated because my friends don't appear to care for my company, before they
made a big deal when I came to a party or showed up to talk to them. But now, they just say “HI” or
what's up, like it’s no big deal that I'm around them."
Jesse looked around the room, he noticed all the diplomas, awards, trophies and other things on the walls and bookshelf. He looked at the couch he was laying on, hard oak frame with red crushed velvet couching. While the doctor wrote out a perscription, Jesse closed his eyes and dreamt of his life before the accident. All his friends, the fun they had together, his family and all trouble that they went through. None of it seemed to make any sense to him now. Maybe he'd forgotten how important his family and friends
were to him. Maybe he'd forgotten lovely his friends were. Somehow he'd regain them. Someway, somehow.
"Here's your medication, Jesse, said the doctor as he climbed out of his chair, when ever you start to feel stressed out, take two pills with some water and try to relax".
"Ok doc, whatever you say". Jesse left the doctors' office and went home. He realized he hadn't been home for over two days.
"Man." He thought. I need to feed my fish. He laughed at himself and went to feed the fish. "Fuck, their already dead, fucking goldfish, should have bought angelfish instead."
He scooped the fish out and gave them a proper burial. He didn't flush his fish, he buried them.
"See ya later fishies!" Mumbled Jesse as he covered up the graves in his flower pots.
He walked to kitchen, grabbed some milk from the fridge, and shambled over to the living room turned on the TV, sat down and relaxed.

CHAPTER 1: The Beginning of The End

It was a warm spring morning in the town of Buhs. The townsfolk were just getting out of
bed and getting already to go to work and take their children to school. The birds were singing
and the mailman was on his daily mail run with a group of dogs running behind him. The paper
boy was delivering the paper as usual. Just a ordinary day in a ordinary town in middle America.
But, not every thing is as it always seems.
"Good morning honey! And how did you sleep last night?" Said Tom Hunter with a sly
wink to his wife Mary.
"Oh, just fine dear. Has Jesse gotten up yet?" Said Mary.
"I think so. Let me see. JESSE! ARE YOU UP YET?" Tom yelled at the ceiling.
"AAAHHH!!!!" Screamed Jesse after waking up from a terrible nightmare. Jesse sat up in
bed panting from the dream. The stench of sweat covered the bed sheets, and Jesse tried not to
notice The nightmares that he has been having lately have been getting worse and worse.
"That's the worst one yet. What's with these nightmares." Mumbled Jesse as he crawled
out of bed, put some clothes on and went downstairs for breakfast.
"Oh Jesse, you're up! How about some bacon and eggs for breakfast, huh?" Asked his
"No thanks ma, not hungry." Said Jesse.
"Come on Jesse. Straight from the frying pan!" Insisted his mother.
"Well OK, just a little bit though." Jesse said as he sat down to the table reaching for the
jug of milk, and for his glass.
"Are you alright kid?" Asked his father. "You look rather pale."
"Yeah. Just had another bad dream that's all." Said Jesse.
"Is there something bothering you? You can talk to us Jesse." Said his mother as she put
and plate of eggs and bacon in front of him.
"No. There's no trouble or anything. I don't understand why I'm having these dreams.
There so real, and vivid. It's as if I'm actually living the dream." Jesse said.
"You should go see a doctor, Jesse, and find out what's wrong." Said his dad.
"Oh, Tom I don't think it's that serious. If you quit reading those weird books all the time
maybe you won't have nightmares all the time." Mary said.
"Mom, I'm eighteen. Scary books at bedtime doesn't scare me anymore. Well anyway, I've
got to get ready for school so I won't be late." Explained Jesse. He quickly finished his breakfast,
took a shower, got dressed and went to school. Jesse was a normal kid, a average student, and
relatively a nice kid. He never got into major trouble at home or at school. Never had trouble
with his parents or friends. The girls at school would always flock around him and ask him out on
a date. Jesse showed any interest in dating or being around anyone. He always kept to himself.
He never went out and played any sports, never really interested in anything.
When Jesse started to have these nightmares he felt something strange was going to
happen. After a while he wondered if these dreams would actually happen or he was just being
Jesse opened the garage door with the automatic door opener and started his car up. He
pulled out of the garage and pressed the button on the control and the door slowly slid shut. He
was late for school. and slammed down on the gas pedal and roared off toward the high school.
He stopped at his friend's house to pick up Zemmy. Strange name for someone, but if your
parents were hardcore hippies... Zemmy barged out of the front door and raced toward Jesse car.
"GEEZZ MAN! A little late to pick me up aren't you?!" Asked Zemmy.
"Yeah I know. Sorry, but mom made me eat some breakfast before I left" Apologized Jesse.
"Is there parties going on tonight?" he asked.
"Yeah man, there's a big party at the dam tonight, and one at the old hippy place tomorrow
night. Are you going to go?" Zemmy asked.
"I don't know. Maybe. You will know by 3:30. Hold on!!!" Said Jesse as they zoomed
past a stop sign.
"GAWD MAN! You're going to get us killed driving like that!" Yelled Zemmy.
"Well you told me that I should be less paranoid when I drive, so you got what you asked
for Zemmy!" Said Jesse as they rounded another corner and almost hit a old lady.
"SORRY LADY!!!" Yelled Zemmy.
"Dang whippersnappers. No discipline in the children these days. Mumbled the lady.
Jesse and Zemmy drove up to the high school and parked. They bolted from the car and dashed
toward the building before the tardy bell rang. Zemmy ran down the stairs to her locker, and Jesse
ran down the hall toward, Biology III. He burst in the door and jetted toward his seat. He
plopped down in the chair panting and wheezing. Every one looked at him and laughed.
"I'm so glad you decided to join us today Mr. Hunter. Now would you care to go the office
and get a tardy slip." Said Mr. Grim, the biology teacher.
"But the bell hasn't rung yet!" Protested Jesse.
"Class has the tardy bell rung yet?" Asked Mr. Grim.
"YES, MR, GRIM!" Barked the entire class.
"Oh alright. I'll get a slip." Jesse said feebly as he got out of chair and walked out of the
room to get a slip.
"That's better, Jesse be a good little senior and get a slip." Chuckled Mr. Grim. The entire
class burst out laughing and Jesse walked a little faster out of the room trying to ignore the
comments from the rest of the class. Jesse walked down the darkened hallway toward the office.
"Crud. What a morning." Thought Jesse.
"First I'm last for class and now Grim
embarrassed my in front of the whole Bio class. Sheesh! And now the lights are out in the hall
way! How could things get any wor..." Jesse stopped and looked at ceiling lights.
"The lights were replaced yesterday! How could they be out already? They were on when I walked into
class" Jesse flicked the switch on the wall. Nothing.
"What's going on here?" He said to ceiling.
"Must of been bad bulbs or something." Jesse continued down the hall and opened the office door.
Zemmy was in here too.
"Are you tardy Jesse?" Asked Kara Benton, the office toady.
"Yeah, unfortunately. Hey, what's with the lights in the hall?" Asked Jesse.
"The lights?" Questioned Kara.
"Yeah, the lights. The new bulbs are already burnt out. See look." Jesse opened the door
and the lights were working fine.
"Wha! Is this a joke? The lights were off and the switch wouldn't work!" Said Jesse in
amazement at ceiling.
"OK JESSE! Whatever! Here's your slip and get to class funny!" Snickered Kara as she
handed the slip to Jesse.
"Oh you're really cute there little Miss Prom Queen." Said Zemmy meanly as she pushed
Jesse out of the doorway.
"OK whatever you hippie girl!" Retorted Kara.
"Think your being a little mean today Zemmy?" Asked Jesse.
"Well she deserves it. She most think she's a valley girl." Zemmy said.
"Any the lights are back on. Didn't you notice the lights when you walked in the office."
Asked Jesse.
"No. They were on when I came up here."
"Huh, Strange." Mumbled Jesse.
"So what do you think of Kara? You think she's' cute?" Teased Zemmy.
"Yeah, whatever Zemmy." Scoffed Jesse.
"Oh well. She's a bit of a prude anyway." Zemmy said.
"NO REALLY!!! I've never noticed before." Laughed Jesse. We better get BIO before
we get into anymore trouble, Zemmy.
"Yeah. Let's go Frosty!!!" Blurted Zemmy as she jetted toward the classroom door. "Ya
jerk Zemmy! I'll get you yet. You, you HIPPE CHILD!" Yelled Jesse as he chased after Zemmy.

CHAPTER 2: After School

School got out at 3:00 and everyone was running out into the hall in rush to get out the
door for Friday night. The hall was filled with talk of who dumped who, the parties going on that
night, and other mindless chatter. Jesse walked out his painting class and stared at the piece of
canvas that he held. A freshman rushed passed and dumped his arm sending his books and canvas
to the floor.
"STUPID FRESHMAN!!!" Yelled Jesse as he picked up his books. A sophomore girl
walked up to Jesse and picked up his painting and looked at it with a confused face.
"What is this thing?" Asked the girl ad she handed it to Jesse.
"It's picture from a dream I had last night." He said.
"Dream? More like a nightmare. Is that a monster eating that person?" She asked.
"Yeah. I've been having these dreams for a while and I thought it might be able to get me a
A in my painting class." Said Jesse. "Thanks for picking it up before it got trampled."
"Yeah, no sweat. So you're Jesse right?"
"Heh, yeah that's' me." Chuckled Jesse.
"Hey, are you going to the big party tonight. If you go I'll see you there." She said with a
sly wink.
"Maybe. I'll think about it." Said Jesse.
"O.K.! Well I've got to run so see you later Jesse.!" She said running off to catch up with
her giggling friends. Jesse hated underclassmen, especially freshman. Jesse walked thought the
crowded hall and went through the east door and walked over to his car. His friends were parked
around the same place and they talking and getting ready to leave. He walked over to the crowd of
his friends and said hi. No one even noticed him.
"Hello!" Jesse said.
"HELLO!!" He said again only louder.
"H E L L O !!!" He yelled. Finally someone looked at him.
"Oh, Hi Jesse." Said Max. Max then continued his conversation with Time.
"OH! Sorry that I broke your discussion. Please continue. Don't mind me." Jesse said
with a sarcastic tone. Jesse left the group and headed for his car, disgusted. He stood right behind
them and they didn't even know he was behind them. Or that they didn't acknowledge him being
there. As he unlocked his car, Jesse looked at the group and saw Zemmy looking at him. he
smiled, and Zemmy smiled back and stuck her tongue at him. He frowned, got in his car and took
off for the streets.
Jesse headed home at 4:00 so he could ask his parents if he could stay out that night.
When he got home, Jesse went to his room and put his things away and went down to the living
room were his parents were watching T.V.
"Mom! Dad! Is it all right if go out tonight?" He asked.
"Sure!" Said his Dad. "Just don't stay out to late."
"Well... exactly how late is to late? Jesse asked.
"Is 1:00 A.M. O.K. Tom?" Asked Jesse's mother.
"One or one thirty is alright. You’re a adult now and you should be able to take of yourself.
Right Jesse?" Tom asked.
"I guess. I won't get into trouble so don't worry." Jesse remarked.
"Well, things may have changed since your mother and I were in high school, but I still
know what goes on weekends. So if you go out and "party" and you can't drive home, ask if you
can spend the night and call us, O.K. Jesse?" Said his Dad.
"Yeah I will, but I don't think I'll have to stay over night. But I'll remember that dad.
Thanks. Well I've got take a shower before I leave, so I'll do that right now." Jesse said as he
walked out of the living room. Jesse went to the bathroom, took a shower, got dressed and headed
for the door. His parents were waiting for him at the door.
"Well we'll see you later Jesse." Said his Dad.
"Be careful tonight, Honey." Said his mother.
"I will, don't stay up for me okay. Well... bye. Love you." Jesse said as he walked to his
car and sped off to go join his friends.

CHAPTER 3: The Dream

Jesse thought about the dreams that he had in the recent nights. What could they mean.
He read somewhere that dreams reflect real life and can some time tell you about the future. Jesse
prayed that these dreams DIDN'T come true. In the most recent dream he was trapped in this
huge mansion that seemed to be haunted. The mansion was built from a strange type of black
stone and the architectural design of the rooms seemed to radiate a feeling of evil. As Jesse
wondered around the mansion, he thought he could hear the sound of foot steps and people
whispering and chanting.
He called out to see if anyone was in the mansion or if he could find a way out of this
frightening place. Suddenly he heard a something that sounded like a dull growl. As he opened
the heavy stone door that lead into the main hall he stopped and saw the most horrifying creature
that he had ever seen.
The monster was like the shape of a huge dog, but with only two legs and longs arms that
didn't end with paws, but with a four clawed hand. The creature was hunched down and appeared
to be eating something. Jesse instantly recognized the shape of a hand that was laying by the
mound of gore and blood. The huge demon_like creature was completely covered in blood and
gave off horrible grunting and snorting sounds while it fed. Jesse quietly tried to shut the door, the
hinges on the door gave of a rusty creak. The creature up and turned around to see Jesse staring at
it with horror. The monster forgot all about it's meal and lunged at Jesse. Jesse quickly slammed
the door shut and took off as the monster rammed head first into the heavy stone door. As Jesse
ran he could hear in monster screaming and bashing the door.
Suddenly Jesse appeared at a abandoned train station. He wondered around the station
looking the monster. He heard a low rumble in the distance and ran toward the track. Jesse put
ear against the track to see which way the train was coming from. He couldn't tell which direction,
left or right so he got back onto the platform and waited.
A hour later he saw the shape of a train coming from the right. He noticed that the train
was slowing down and hide inside the station as the train pulled up at the platform. Jesse trembled
in horror as he watched the gigantic monstrosity came to a stop. The engine of the train was in the
shape of a demonic skull and the wheel pistons were craved from bone. The train was completely
black and composed of mix of steel, bone, and flesh. Jesse looked at the train and waited for
passengers to come out, but no one or no thing had come out. Jesse slowly walked toward the
train and climbed aboard.
Inside the car that he had boarded the walls were looked like compressed bones and skulls.
As he ventured further toward the engine of the train, he saw that the walls made of sheets of
pulsating flesh. The doors and hand rails were mixed with steel and bones. The train started to
shake and lurched forward. Jesse grabbed at the exit door, but it wouldn't budge. He punched at
the glass but it didn't break. It appeared that the train wanted him to stay aboard and take him to
it's destination. Whatever that would be.
Train was picking up incredible speed as it roared down the track. Jesse had a hard trying
to keep balance in the car because of the train's vibration. As Jesse came closer to the dining car
the smell that came forth was overpowering. Jesse almost couldn't hold his stomach at bay, but he
got used to the odor. As he entered the dining car, bodies were everywhere. Corpses of recent
passengers lined the seats and floor with their rotting flesh. Jesse noticed that even with this strong
smell there was no flies, nor any maggots. He carefully walked though the car, hoping not to
stumble and fall on the cadaver. Jesse was alone on this demon train and knee deep in the dead.
As he reached for the door to the next car, the door to the cooking area flew open and piles of half
rotted bodies covered Jesse.
"AAAHHH!!!" Jesse screamed as he jumped up. He stared around and everyone at the
party was looking at him.
"What the heck was that for Jesse?" Ask someone.
"I must have dozed off for a second. Sorry about that." Said Jesse.
"Man, are my parties that boring?" Said Jesse's friend Ash. "Grab something to drink
Jesse and have some fun.
"Alright, Ash. Whatever you say. Mumbled Jesse.

CHAPTER 4: The Party

Jesse stood around the campfire looking at everyone. All his friends were dancing and
having a good, but Jesse wasn't.
"Ugh. I need to sit down for a while Zemmy." Said Jesse.
"Why? Are you feeling sick or something?" Zemmy asked.
"I don't feel sick, but I don't feel right." He said.
"Oh alright, you party pooper." Zemmy said as she walked off toward the dancing crowd.
Jesse sat down by his car and watched everyone. He realized that no one had paid any attention to
him the whole night. He began to wonder if his friends really cared about him or not. As he
watched everyone, he began feel the effect of his drink take over him, and Jesse began to talk out
"HEY GUYS!!! Why don't you want to hang with me, man? What did I do to you, huh?"
Jesse slurred. A few people began to stare at Jesse and give him weird looks.
"HEY Zemmy! Come over here! I've got to tell you something." Yelled Jesse.
"What? Jesse are you all right? You look pale." Asked Zemmy.
"Yeah man, I'm cool. Do you know if Brian is here?" Jesse asked with a slurred tone.
"Uh, I think so. Hey, are you sure your alright Jesse? I mean, you look really awful."
Said Zemmy with concern.
"Well, I do feel a bit strange. Anyway, is Brian here?" He asked.
"I'll go check you stay here OK?" Said Zemmy.
"Alright, alright Zemmy. I'll stay here." Jesse said as he tried to push him self up from the
ground. While Zemmy took off to find Brian, Jesse got up and stumbled over to Ash who was
talking to someone.
"HEY ASH!! What's up dude?" Jesse said.
"Huh? Oh hi Jesse. Not much. And how are you? Asked Ash.
"Peachy! Just peachy. Why haven't you come talk to me tonight? Are you trying to
ignore me? Well, are you?!" Jesse barked at Ash.
"Jesse! Calm down! I haven't been ignoring you." Said Ash. "What's wrong? You look
really pale. You should go sit down for a while Jesse." Jesse glared at Ash and walked off. Jesse
walked around for awhile trying to find Brian, but then Zemmy tap Jesse on the shoulder and took
him to Brian.
"Hey Jesse, what's up?" Asked Brian.
"Oh nothing. Why haven't you came and talked to me huh?" Asked Jesse.
"I didn't know you were here until Zemmy told me, Jesse. Hey are you alright? You look
like you've been run over." Brian asked.
"Jesse been acting weird all day." Said Zemmy. "And as soon as we got here, he's been
saying strange things. He told me about one of his dreams that he had. And I think he's in
trouble." Jesse walked over to the fire and gazed over the roaring blaze at his friends. He knew
that they liked him, but for some reason he could no longer stand them liking him. Jesse stepped
closer to the fire. Brian saw Jesse and suddenly realized what he was going to do.
"JESSE!!! STOP!!!" Brian ran toward the fire and went to pull Jesse away from the blaze.
As soon as Brian reached him, Jesse stepped into the fire. Everyone screamed as they saw Jesse
catch fire.
"PULL HIM OUT!!!" Yelled Zemmy as she ran toward the blaze. Suddenly the fire
turned blue, and a earsplitting thud threw Jesse in the air. Jesse landed about ten feet away from
the crowd. Everyone rushed to Jesse to see if he was alright.
"GOOD GOD!!! What the heck was THAT!!!' Someone yelled. Zemmy, Ash and Brian
knelt down by Jesse to help Jesse, but he didn't have a scratch on him. No burns, no cuts or
bruises. Nothing. It's as if he was protected from the fire by something.
As people tried to help Jesse up, he began to moan and mumble about something.
"Is he alright?" Asked Zemmy.
"He seems to be knocked out.

Chapter 5: The Hospital

"NOOO! STOP!!!" Jesse screamed as he lay on the stretcher unconscious. A intern gave
him a sedative, and Jesse began to calm quite down almost immediately. Jesse parents, Zemmy,
Brian, and Ash sat in the waiting room hoping Jesse would be O.K. Jesse father got up and began
pacing around.
"Brian, can you please explain what happened again?" Asked Tom.
"Well, Jesse was acting really weird. He started to accuse us of not liking him." Said Brian
"I don't understand why Jesse would say something like that! We all know you like him,
but why would he think a silly think like that." Said Tom.
"And then he just walked right into the fire. Then.. he just was...KNOCKED out of the
fire! It's as if some one hit him with force of a car." Brian explained.
"What? Are you crazy? How the heck could that happen?" Questioned Jesse father.
Zemmy stood up and ran out of the room crying. Ash ran after her, but she stopped outside the
waiting room.
"Zemmy? Are you alright?" Asked Ash.
"No. How could this (sniff) happen to (sniff) Jesse huh? HOW!" Cried Zemmy.
"I don't know Zemmy. I don't know." Ash said as he put his arms around Zemmy. A
doctor walk over to Ash and Zemmy and started to talk.
"Your friend Jesse will be alright." Said the doctor.
"Really?!" Sniffed Zemmy.
"Oh, Yes. he only sustained minor bruises, but no broken bones or anything." He said.
Zemmy ran into the waiting room and told Jesse's parents and they came barging out.
"Jesses' going to be O.K.?" Asked Mary.
"He's going to be fine. In fact I'm surprised how strong he is, the fall that he took should
have broke his back." Said the doctor. We gave him a light sedative so he would get some rest.
He was screaming like crazy while he was knocked out. Strange."
"Well at least he's alright" Brian said.
"Can we go see him Doc?" Asked Zemmy.
"Sure. He'll be unconscious, but you can see him. He's in room 440. It's on the second
floor to your right." The doctor said. A nurse came to the doctor and took him.
"Well, we better see him before they say no." Said Ash. So they went to Jesse room. As
they got off the elevator the lights in the right corridor went out.
"What the heck?" Said Zemmy.
"Why did the light go out?" Asked Mary.
"Hmm, these light bulbs look old. Oh well, Jesse's room is over there let's go." Tom said
and everyone walked down the darkened hall. The sounds of their footsteps were the only sound
to be hear. No TV's blaring or machines whirring. Just dead silence.
"Something isn't right here" Ash said. "This place feels dead."
"Shut up, Ash. It's spooky enough in here as it is." Blurted Zemmy. As the group
reached Jesse's room, they could hear the sound of whispering or chanting.
"What the heck is that?!" Gasped Tom.
"It sounds like chanting. What's going on here?!" Yelled Brian.
"Well, I'm finding out." Zemmy said as she threw the room's door open. Zemmy
Screamed as she saw the scene in front of her. Three tall figures in black cloaks, stood over
Jesse's bed. They were appeared to be casting a spell over Jesse.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY SON?!" Yelled Tom as he barged into
the room. One of the figures turned around and raised his hand at Jesse's dad.
"You do you think you are?! Get out of here!" Tom yelled. Raising it's hand, one of the
figures emitted a jade colored ball of light that flew toward Tom and struck him on the chest.
Tom was tossed back out of the room and he slammed against the opposite wall.
"OH MY GOD!!!" Zemmy screamed. "WHAT ARE YOU?!" Everyone ran out the room
and went to Tom. Tom was laying against the wall and he entire chest was blown open, still
sizzling with the strange jade light.
"GO FOR HELP!!!" Yelled Mary. Ash and Brian ran down the hallway and took the
elevator down to get the police, while Mary and Zemmy slowly pulled Tom away form the
doorway. The chanting of the robed figures became louder and louder, filling the entire hallway.
"What are those things?!" Cried Zemmy.
"I don't know. Stay here, I'm going to stop those things myself." Mary said as she got up
from the floor and ran to Jesse's room.
"NO! COME BACK!!" Zemmy yelled, but Mary was already inside the room with the
beings. Mary walked into the room and watched in horror as the creatures projected the strange
greenish light into Jesse's body. The creatures were chanting a strange alien language that was not
of this planet. They began to levitate and radiate with the greenish glow of the energy. Jesse's
body started to shake and float off the bed. Mary gasped and ran toward Jesse, trying to break
him free of the monsters evil ritual. But a bolt of energy came from the creatures and struck her.
She was blown against the wall and fell to the ground in a heap of charred flesh and bone

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And here's the rest.

Chapter 6: The Police Station

Zemmy and Ash sat in the police station waiting for more paperwork to sign. They stared
around looking at all the drug_dealers and other low lifes that sat around waiting for there turn.
They were amazed by how much crime was actually in the town. A police officer walked up to
them a hand them both a clipboard with forms.
"Here you go. This is the last of them. After your done filling these out, I'll talk you
questioning room." Said the officer.
"WHAT!!" Yell Zemmy. "Are you serious? You actually think we kill Jesse's parents?"
"Now now, calm down. You're not charging you with anything. We just want to ask you
some questions. O.K.?" Said the officer.
"Cripes. How many times do you want to hear the same story?' Asked Ash. "We've been
in and out of that room THREE TIMES already! Would you please give us break. We told what
we saw and that's that."
"Yeah whatever. Hurry up with those forms, I've got game to watch tonight , so step on
it." The police man said as walked off. Ash and Zemmy looked at each other in amazement.
How stupid do these cops think we are? Said Zemmy.
"Pretty stupid I guess." Zemmy and Ash finished with the forms and the officer took them
to the questioning room. When they got inside, two men in black trench coats were waiting for
them. The officer left the room and locked the door.
"Who are you?" Asked Ash.
"We are none of your concern. Just tell us what you saw at the hospital." Said the first
"What do you mean you are none of our concern. What are you? FBI, CIA, The X_file
agents, what." Shouted Zemmy rudely.
"Were with the FBI." Said the second man. "Tell us what happened at the hospital."
"Why should we? Are we being charged with murder?" Asked Ash.
"No." Said the first man. "We just want the truth."
"Well, you told the truth to the police about 10 times already. Why didn't you listen in
when had the chance huh?!' Yelled Ash at the men.
"Shut up kid." Said the first man. "First, I'll show you the security tape of Jesse's room
and you tell me what the heck happened." The second man opened the door and the officer
brought in a TV and VCR on a gurney. He turned on the TV and hit play on the VCR. The TV
screen showed Jesse laying in his hospital bed alone. Then three balls of light appeared around
Jesse's bed. The balls expanded and grew into the shape of robed figures. Zemmy and Ash's eyes
widened when they saw the figures.
"Now, just watch." Said the first man. The middle figure put his arms forward and cast a
beam of energy at Jesse. The energy surrounded Jesse's body and made him begin to float in the
air. Then a nurse came in the room and yelled at the figures. The middle stopped his spelled and
the three turned around and all cast a beam of light at her. Zemmy gasped as she saw the nurse
disintegrated into nothing. The three figure resumed the ritual and soon all three were casting light
at Jesse.
The second man shut the TV and off and took it out of the room. Ash and Zemmy were
stunned. They looked at the first man and stared at him.
"What was that?" Asked Ash.
"You tell me kid. We checked the tape for altercations, but it's all real." Said the first man.
"When you walked into the room what did you see?"
"It's that part on the tape?" Asked Zemmy.
"No." Said the second man. "For some reason, after the nurse bite the dust, the rest of the
tape was completely corrupted."
"Ah." Said Zemmy. "So what did you want us to say? We can't explain what happened
there. We just walked in the room and saw those creatures blasting Jesse with that light."
"What color was the light?" Said the second man.
"It was kinda greenish colored. Kind of like jade." Ash said. "Look, can we go now?
We've been here for six hours. We want to see if Jesse's still alive, we told you everything we
know." Begged Zemmy.
"O.K. You can go. But, we'll be watching you." Said the first man. Ash and Zemmy
went to the door, but it was locked.
"HEY! Can you get the officer to open this door." Yelled Ash after trying the door
"Oh yeah." The second man said. He walked over to the door and knocked on it. The
door lock clicked and it opened.
"Thanks." Said Zemmy as they left.
Ash and Zemmy left police station and headed for the hospital. As they walked they felt a
cool morning breeze come up. Zemmy noticed that no birds were singing or flying around.
"That's odd, Ash." Said Zemmy. "Have you noticed that there is no birds around?"
"Hey, your right." Ash said. "There is no dogs barking either. What's going on here?"
"Also, do you noticed that one guy in the trench coat opened the door went it was locked
from the outside?" Said Zemmy.
"What?" Asked Ash.
"The guy just open a locked door without having the officer outside open it first. I tell you
Ash, something smells funky in Denmark." Said Zemmy.
"We better get to the hospital before something else happens to Jesse."

Chapter 7: The Morgue

All will be surrounded by darkness. No light shall fill the void. Nothing you will ever do
will be . You will always fail. You have no choice, but to obey. If you succeed, all that you have
done will be torn apart. Your life is meaningless. You are nothing, and can do nothing. You will
be prosecuted and you will feel pain. Your torment will be eternal. Only when you finally
succumb to your wounds, will you be rewarded. And greatly rewarded you shall be.
Jesse heard the voice repeat the chant over and over. He could not escape from the
darkness, and no matter how hard he tried, the voice would not leave his mind.
Zemmy and Ash arrived at the hospital, and ran to Jesse room. Jesse was lying in his bed
and a nurse was taking his temperature. Jesse was hooked up to a several machines that hummed
and whirred.
"Uh, nurse. How's he doing?" Asked Zemmy.
"Huh? Oh, you startled me. Well we're doing some tests on him right now, but he seems
to be doing fine." Said the nurse. "Are you friends of his?"
"Yeah. Um... where is his parents?" Ash asked.
"Well... they are in the morgue. I suppose you don't want to identify them." Said the
"Identify them? What do you mea.. Oh. I remember." Zemmy said almost breaking out
in tears.
"If you don't want to, you don't. But it would help us a lot." The nurse said.
"O.K. We'll go. Where are they?" Asked Ash.
"On the bottom floor. I'll show you." Said the nurse . She took them to the elevator, and
pressed the return button.
"Did you know them well?" She asked. Zemmy trembled as she thought of a answer.
"We were pretty good friends of the whole family." Said Ash as he tried to comfort
"I'm really sorry about all of this." Said the nurse said. "I don't know what happened, but
I'm sure the police will find the people that did this and get them fried on the chair."
"Yeah. Me to." Whimpered Zemmy. The elevator door opened and they entered. The
nurse pressed the second sub_floor button and the elevator went down.
Ash realized that he hadn't heard anything about Mary or Brian, since the incident. He
didn't even know if they were still alive. Brian was with him when he called the police, and he
went back up to get Jesse's mom and Zemmy, but he never came back.
The elevator shook to a stop. The doors opened to a dim, cold, cement hallway. They
stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall. The only sound that could be heard was the
clicking of the there shoes.
"Here's the morgue." Said the nurse. "I'll get Dr. Thaed, and he'll show you the bodies."
The nurse opened the door and walked in. Ash and Zemmy stood in the dark hallway and
shivered from the cold.
"It smells down here." Said Zemmy.
"Yeah, makes me want to Ralph." Said Ash. The nurse come out of the room and
showed them in.
The morgue room smelled of formaldehyde and death. Several tables with covered bodies
filled the room. Dr. Thaed walked out from behind a table and introduced himself.
"Hello, I'm Dr. Roy Thaed the mortician here. I believe you want to identify some people
right?" Said the doctor.
"Yeah. Where are they." Said Ash.
"There over here. And there not going anywhere by the looks of them." The doctor said.
"Ha Ha. Cut the comedy, and show us." Zemmy said sharply.
"O.K. But, I hope your ready." The doctor said as he opened the wall freezer and pulled
out drawer. He grabbed the sheet and pulled it away.
"Good lord!" Zemmy and Ash gasped as they saw the remains of Jesse's parents. Their
bodies were completely stripped of skin and the only thing that was intact was there heads. From
neck_to_toe the bodies had no flesh, just charred muscle and bone.
"It looks like someone took a double barreled sawed_off shotgun blew a hole in this guy's
chest at point blank range." Said the doctor. "And the burns appear to be radiation burns. Where
someone got radiation like that must have been glowing in the dark with radiation."
"Well, it's Jesse's parents alright" Said Ash.
"Who ever did this was sick mother. Skinning their bodies and leaving there heads alone.
Sick people." Said the doctor. "We found else that was killed that night too."
"WHAT!!" Yelled Ash.
"He's over here. I'll show you." The doctor pulled the cover off a near by table. The
charred body of Brian lay in a heap on the table.

Chapter 8: The Disciples

"GOOD GOD! IT'S BRIAN!" Screamed Zemmy.
"You know him?" Said the doctor.
"Yes! He's one our best friends. What the heck is happening around here?" Ash said.
"First Jesse gets hurt and his parents are killed by some weird creature, then FBI agents are looking
around, and now Brian is dead. WHAT"S HAPPENING AROUND HERE!?"
"What do you mean, weird creatures?" Asked the doctor.
"Didn't the police tell you about who killed Jesse's parents?" Zemmy said baffled.
"No. My autopsy show that they were exposed to some heavy radiation and were initially
killed by a gunshot." Said Doctor Thaed.
"WHAT? Are you serious?" Yelled Ash.
"The police never came to the hospital, just some federal agents came in and told me what
happened, and no "monsters" were found in the hospital."
"You're crazy! Ash, lets get out of here. This guys got his head up his butt." Yelled
Zemmy as she stomped out of the room. Ash followed and caught up with her in the hallway.
"This whole thing is being covered up by those Feds, Ash. Whatever those things were, I
have a felling that they'll be back." Said Zemmy.
"I don't know. Let's go check Jesse., and see if he's alright." Said Ash. Zemmy and Ash
arrived at Jesse room and walked in. Jesse was sitting on the corner of the bed looking at the
"JESSE!!" Yelled Zemmy as she ran to him and hugged him.
"Oh, Hi Zemmy! How are you." Said Jesse calmly. I haven't seen you for a while. HEY,
ASH! What's up dude!" Ash and Zemmy stared at Jesse.
"Jesse are you high off some drugs that the nurse gave you?" Asked Ash.
"Oh no, I feel fine. But, I've got to tell you something.." Jesse said, but Zemmy cut him
"Hasn't anyone told you about what happen here." Said Zemmy.
"What do you mean?" Asked Jesse.
"Well first you stepped in the fire at the party and was somehow knocked out of the fire.
Then when we came to your room, you were having a ritual placed on you by some dudes dressed
in black robes. They killed your parents and Brian and almost you to. Jesse, weird crap has been
happening around here. Federal agents are asking questions about this whole thing. There's no a
single bird, dog or cat around. This whole place is going crazy." Zemmy said frantically as she
paced around the room.
"My parents are dead." Jesse said. "Well, right now there's no time to grieve, because we
got bigger problems to worry about right now."
"WHAT? You parents have been kill by some freaks dressed in black robes. And you
don't care? What the heck is wrong with you?" Yelled Zemmy.
"I do care Zemmy but, I know what is going on. And it is something beyond any thing
you've ever heard of, believed in, or dreamt of. Something so astronomical, that if we don't act
quickly, everyone on Earth will be destroyed. So trust me when I say I care, because I've finally
found out what my nightmares were about."
"What are you talking about, Jesse? You mean those creatures are from a different
planet?" Asked Ash.
"Look, when we get out of here I'll tell you. Did you see anybody when you got here?"
Said Jesse.
"We just came from the morgue in the basement but, what does that have to do with your
dreams?" Zemmy Asked.
"THE MORGUE!?" Jesse yelled as he jumped up from the bed. "You went down to the
morgue? What for?!"
"A nurse said we should identify you parents bodies, so we did." Said Ash puzzled.
"We've got to get out of here right now! All in danger, let's go guys." Said Jesse, and he
grabbed his clothes that were on a chair and quickly put them on.
"What's wrong Jesse?" Asked Ash.
"Those creatures in the black robes are still here. They haven't finished with me, so there
coming back, so lets go!" Yelled Jesse.
"How do you know?" Asked Ash.
"Well for one, the morgue isn't in the basement. It's suppose to be on the fourth floor!"
Said Jesse.
"What? We were just there! It can't be on the fourth floor!" Zemmy said.
"I'll explain things later. Just come on, O.K.!?" Jesse yelled. The three left the room and
ran down the hall. As they ran, Jesse noticed that all the lights in the hallways were off again and
that nobody was there.
"OH NO! There back already!" Yelled Jesse. "Come on guys! We've got to get out of
here!" Jesse yelled as they reached the elevator.
"O.K, O.K.! Let's take the elevator." Ash said. Suddenly the elevator doors opened and
the police officer and the FBI agents at the police station walked out.
"LOOK OUT!" Yelled Zemmy. "It's those agent dudes!"
"Where do you think you're going kiddies?" Said the first agent.
"We're leaving, so get lost chump!" Ash said as he tried to push them aside but they
stopped him.
"Your not going anywhere, KID. I see Jesse is up and running around. How about you
come with us to station for a nice quick chat about your accident." The second agent said,
"Uh... no thanks. We're in a hurry. So if you don't mind getting out of our way we'll just
be off now." Zemmy said sarcastically.
"Sorry to spoil your fun , but we've got a agenda to follow and Jesse is our top priority. So
come with us Jesse." The police officer said as he reached for Jesse. Jesse jumped back.
"What do you want? Hey wait! You guys are Disciples! Zemmy, Ash! RUN!!" Jesse
screamed as he pulled his friends away.
"Disciples? What are you talking about?" Ash asked.
"I'LL SHOW YOU!!!" The first agent yelled as he changed into the a floating figure
covered in a black robe.
"IT'S.. IT'S THOSE THINGS!!" Screamed Zemmy.
he reached out to Jesse. "COME WITH US, OR DIE!"
"Up yours, freak!" Yelled Jesse. They took off down the hallway heading for the stairs.
When they reached the stairs, they turned around and watched as the other agent and the police
officer also turned into a Disciple.
"Quick! Down the stairs!" Jesse yelled. "Hurry before they start attacking!" Zemmy,
Ash, and Jesse raced down the stairs and bolted for the main exit.
Suddenly the three Disciples appeared out of nowhere. Jesse and the others came to a halt.
"I'LL TAKE THAT AS A NO." Croaked the Disciple. "IF YOU WILL NOT JOIN US
IN YOUR QUEST, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!!!" The creature raised it's arms and purple
energy flowed from his hands.
"LOOK OUT!!" Yelled Jesse as the creature threw his hands forward and three purple
energy bolts raced from his hands toward Jesse. Jesse and Zemmy dropped to the ground, and
Ash rolled to the right. A bolt flew past Ash and seared his arm.
"AARRGGHH!!" Screamed Ash as he grabbed his arm. The Disciples floated silently
toward Jesse as they whispered a demonic chant.
"O.K. guys! Your going to regret ever coming to our dimension!" Jesse stood up and
pointed his hand at the progressing Disciples. Jesse placed his hands together and bluish light
surround his hands.
"Oh NO!! JESSE!!" Screamed Zemmy as all three Disciples raised their arms in unison
and called forth the purple energy.
"NOW, YOU'LL SEE MY POWER!!" Jesse roared as he tossed shards of blue crystal at
the Disciples. The shards impaled the creatures before they got a chance to launch their own
attack. The creatures screamed as they disappeared and their charred robes fell to dust on the
ground. Jesse walked over to the piles of dust and stepped on them, blowing the dust everywhere.
"Heh! That was too easy!" He snickered.
"What did you do!?" Said Zemmy as ran up to him.
"Just displayed some teenage aggression on the demonic hordes!" Laughed Jesse.
"Well that's just fine, but can you help me up please!" Ash said as struggled up.
"Oh! Sorry Ash. How's your arm?" Asked Jesse.
"It stings, but it's O.K. Now will you please tell us what's going on here!? Asked Ash.
Jesse headed for the door and looked back at Ash, then walked out the door.
"Hey! Come back here! JESSE!" Zemmy yelled and followed him out the door. Jesse
went to a truck parked in the parking lot, and punched in the driver's side window. He unlocked
the door and climbed in.
"Zemmy, if you and Ash want to know the truth climb in and I'll tell you. Said Jesse.
"O.K. Jesse. We'll go with you, but this had better be good. Said Zemmy.
"Hey!" Barked Ash from the hospital door. "Why are you taking off with that pickup?!"
"Because the owner is dead and we need to get out of here as soon as possible." Said
"The owner is dead? What are saying?" Asked Ash.
"Just shut up and get in! I'll tell everything once we go, so come on!" Yelled Jesse.
Zemmy and Ash climbed in, while Jesse hot wired the pickup. The truck came to life, and Jesse
hammered it.
"I hope you guys can believe me, because what I'm going to tell you will come as quite a
shock to you. So listen carefully." Jesse said.
"Why? What are you going to tell us." Asked Zemmy.
"The Truth." Said Jesse.

Chapter 9: The Truth Is Revealed

Jesse, Ash, and Zemmy drove down the main street of town. No one was driving around,
walking their dogs or anything. In fact, it looked like the whole entire town had just got up and left
town. Ash and Zemmy getting nervous. They couldn't figure out what Jesse said about his
dreams and knowing what was going now.
"Jesse." Zemmy said quietly. "Will you tell us what is going on here. Where is everyone?
Can you tell us Jesse" Because, frankly we can't figure it out."
"Yeah Jesse." Said Ash. "Because when we went to the police station, people were up
and around. But when we left, there wasn't a soul in sight. And would you PLEASE tell us what
those things were doing here?"
"O.K. guys. I'll tell you what is going on." Said Jesse. "First, you know how some
scientists think there are other dimensions other than our own. Well, we live in one of the billions
of dimensions floating around. While we were busy crawling out of the primordial ooze, other
dimensions were fighting a war that has lasted for millions of eons."
"The war was basically a fight over power. A typical excuse for a war. Well, this war had
engulfed billions of other dimensions. And out of the billions of armies, only five had gained
complete control of the other dimensions. Four evil and one neutral. Guess which one we are in."
Explained Jesse.
"In a evil one?" Said Zemmy grinning.
"No." Chuckled Jesse. "The only remaining dimension that has a chance of stopping this
war and rebalancing the power is ours. And this universe, this solar system, our frigg'n planet in
the core of this dimensions power. What luck huh?
"The first of the four armies have just started invading our universe. Of course, they just
opened our dimensional portals and are now pouring in." Jesse said. Zemmy and Ash were
stunned. They never would have believed something like that could happen.
Jesse turned left and parked in front of a restaurant. Jesse got out and head toward the
"Jesse! Where are you going?!" Zemmy yelled as she bolted out of pickup.
"I haven't eaten in since the party. So I'm starving. I'll cook you guys something too while
I finish my story.
"You have to buy food here." Said Ash. "The owners won't let you cook your own."
"Their all dead, Ash. Everyone in this town is dead. No one will care if we raid a freezer
or two if their dead." Ash looked at Jesse and started yelling.
"O.K. Then." Said Jesse. "Where is everyone then Smarty? Huh? Now come inside and
I'll tell you what happened here.
"UH!! Jesse, you drive me nuts!" Thought Ash as he followed Zemmy in the restaurant.
Jesse went in to the kitchen and pulled some steak out of the freezer. He placed them on a griddle
and light the burners.
"How do you like your steak?" He asked. "Burnt to crisp or Bloody as hell."
"Bloody." Giggled Zemmy.
"How about you Ash? Burnt or Bloody?"
"Bloody, I guess." He said quietly. Jesse continued to explain to Zemmy and Ash about
the dimensional war.
"As I was saying, everyone in this town except us is dead." Jesse said.
"Yeah, but how?" Asked Zemmy
"And if everyone is dead, where is their bodies?" Ash said.
"Those "agents" that you talked to weren't, as you already know, humans. They are the
followers of the dimensional ruler that has reached us first, Merik. Merik is the weakest of the
rules, but controls all of the solar systems in our universe, except this one. He has finally broken
the field that surrounds our planet and has entered his forces here in this town. While you were
talking to the disciples, a group of portals have opened up and pulled all living beings into them.
"The people were taken to recycling machines, and were... um. Recycled." Jesse flipped
the steaks over and Zemmy and Ash were staring at him.
"What do you mean, Recycled?" Said Zemmy.
"Well, uh... the Recycling machines are like giant car crushers with... uh... well, I'll put it
this way. The people were dumped in to giant food processor thing."
"WHAT!?" Ash said in disbelief. "Are you serious?!"
"Uh... 'fraid so." Jesse said solemnly.
"How do you know all this anyway?" Zemmy said as she stuck her head in a near by trash
"Well, when I was being blasted by the Disciple's spell, my soul was sent to Merik so he
could get me to join him and the other rulers. And since you were with the three disciples, you
weren't killed. Well, our steaks are done. Let's eat!" Zemmy and Ash looked at each other and
both ran to the bathroom to get sick.
"Hmm. What wimps. Even their stomachs wimped out." Jesse said as he chews on a
piece of his steak.

Chapter 10: The Quest Begins

"You have been chosen as the ruler of this dimension Jesse. You have will now enormous
power and intelligence bestowed upon you. You must now make a choice. Either protect our
dimension and put the balance of power back in place, or you will join the four Outer Gods in
their unholy quest of destruction." The voice boom, as Jesse floated in empty space.
"Why have I been chosen? There must be other beings more worthier than me." Spoke
"Because our dimension is the most powerful of all others. And your world is the center of
that power. The petty Inner Gods that ruled over your world have had their own dimensional
planes taken over by the Outer Gods, and your soul is the conduit to our dimension's power. And
know, you are the only one who can defeat the Outer Gods.
"I understand." Said Jesse. "I will never surrender this dimension to the Outer Gods."
"Jesse. JESSE!!" Zemmy shouted into Jesse ear to wake him up.
"AAHH!!" Jesse jumped out his bed and fell on the floor.
"Are you O.K.?" Asked Zemmy.
"Yeah, I'm alright. Where are we?" Jesse asked
"We are at your house." Said Zemmy.
"Oh good. Jesse yawned. "Hey Zemmy, I know I seemed a little cold when I told you
about the entire town being killed, but now everything has changed now. I've have to save entire
dimensions from being destroyed and not just Earth. So if I get a little out of line, please
"Don't worry Jesse. I understand." Explained Zemmy. "But if you are going to save other
dimensions, how are you going to do that?"
Well, I just had a out_of_body experience when I was sleeping and a voice told me what I
had to do.
"What happened when you left your body?" She asked.
"I was told how to save our dimension. I have to have to open a portal and stop Merik's
invasion before he opens portals all over the world. Then, I have to stop the Outer Gods reign of
destruction." Jesse said with a determined face.
How are you going to open a gate? I've seen that you can shoot ice crystals from your
hands, but rip a hole in the fabric of space?" Questioned Zemmy.
"It's easy. But first I've got to go to the bathroom." Jesse got up and headed for his
bathroom. After he was done, Jesse went down stairs and began to chant. Zemmy woke Ash up
and they both came down the stairs and to see Jesse levitating in midair.
"JESSE! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!" Screamed Ash.
"I'm trying to open a portal to Merik's world so I can stop his invasion." Jesse said. He
was surrounded by blue light and wind began to blow around in the room. The lights began to
fade in and out, and the ground began to tremble.
Zemmy. But Jesse continued his spell, until a red light began to appear in the center of the room.
The light grew until it filled a shape the size of a door. Jesse had opened a portal to Merik's
dimension. Jesse started toward the portal, when Zemmy called out for him.
"Jesse, don't go. You'll never come back. I can feel it. Please don't go."
"I must go Zemmy. But I will return. You and Ash stay together and be careful." Jesse
walked into the red light and disappeared. The portal irised shut and the wind, and trembling

"Well," Zemmy started to say. "We better get prepared for a major battle, Ash."
"Why do you say that?" Asked Ash.
"Because while he's fighting Merik, the other rulers are bound to gate themselves's to
Earth. And since we are the only one's that know, because no one will believe a word we say, we
have to defend Earth from any attackers. So let's go to the library and read some books about
psychics, and telekinesis, because we'll need more power than what guns can offer.

To Be Continued...

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CHAPTER 1: The Beginning of The End

Hey Sarge, you just ripped me off!

As for the story: Hmm, it's a bit far fetched, but otherwise ok. But there's a LOT of grammar mistakes, missing words and general spelling errors.
You often seem to forget to insert a determiner (the/a/an) and you also forget more regular words at times.

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Owwwww. See, reading a book is one thing - books don't have refresh rates that, while barely noticable, can seriously fuck with your eyes. And no, i don't have a printer. Reading from a 10-year old screen is another matter entirely.

Bite-size parts (about 2 pages in MS-Word each) next time, perhaps?

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pretty fantastical stuff, yeah pretty way out, but quite entertaining and gruesome in parts!

Alter your sig. I CAN'T GET NO MOUNTAIN DEW HERE!!! :P

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Here's a bit i posted on another forum...

Back in '97 when I was a senior in HS, I was in a creative writing/computer class. During the year we had to create a several books comprising of poetry, biographies and fictional novels.

At the time this was inspired by Quake and the H.P. Lovecraft mythos. However as you will see (if you continue reading that is) the actual writing is rather poor as well as the grammar (shocking, no?). Not quite Silent Hill related, story wise, but I think you might be interested.

I have been wanted to redo the story for quite some time now, but had lost the backup docs long ago. So I had to resort to "reclaiming" phsyical copy of the book from my old HS.

I have since found copys of the doc on a old hard drive.

Anyway, the story orginally was to be part of a 4-5 book "epic", but I lost my writing bug while in college.

EDIT: As you can see I can't write worth a shit. Oh well...

The story name. The Outer Gods: Book One

Blah blah blah. Anyway thats for the comments good and bad.
most of it was written hastely and without much thought about proper english. I wrote it in high school of cripes sake!

Any thanks. :)

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