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Skybox question

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I have been fiddling around with the "skybox viewpoint" in Doom Builder.
I would use a normal sky via MAPINFO, but I have a cool hypnotic and bizarre effect I want to try out with the skybox.

My question is, if I were to use the skybox viewpoint, would it be the only sky I'd be forced to use?
Say if I imported another texture which acts as a sky (set it via MAPINFO, "sky2 -name-").
Would it work or not? Will it just automatically set to the skybox? I have other zones in my wad that I'd use a different sky for.

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The sky viewpoint is used to make skyboxes, it acts as the camera into the skybox. If, when the map is initialized, its TID is zero, it will replace the sky everywhere in the map. If its TID is not zero at that time, then corresponding SkyPickers with the same TID must be placed in the sectors where the sky is to be replaced by the one in the skybox.

So yes, multiple skyboxes in one map should work. Either use multiple SkyViewpoints with different TIDs, or use sky transfer linedef actions on tagged sectors to let them have different skies. You can also use sky transfers on sectors with the SkyViewpoints, to have each skybox use a different sky texture.

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Sky textures are normally found inside TEXTURE1 lump among other textures. Their names are hardcoded. MAP01-11 use SKY1 as a sky texture. MAP12-20 use SKY2, and MAP21-32 use SKY3. Edit these textures to look like you want them to look, and you're done.

The simplest way is to provide a RSKY1 (RSKY2, RSKY3) patch, and put it between PP_START and PP_END markers inside your wad. This will replace the respective sky patch, but the patch dimensions must stay the same as the original patch had: Width 256 and height 128.

A more flexible way is to edit TEXTURE1 lump manually. If your map uses custom textures, you already have a TEXTURE1 lump in it. If not, copy lumps TEXTURE1 and PNAMES from Doom.wad into your wad. Double click TEXTURE1, find texture entry "SKY1" (and/or SKY2, SKY3) and edit them as you wish: Change dimensions (width must be a power of 2, use a number up to 1024), change patches (in the right panel in SLADE3), change whatever, just keep the texture name. Don't forget to save changes when closing TEXTURE1, and then save the wad again.

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