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Been away since christmas, what have I missed?

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I vaguely remember a couple of wads from the cacowards, a 2014 doomworld community project, and tnt 2. What else have I missed that's been half decent?

Also... (not really related but not important enough for their own threads)

1)What are some good wads that use Sonic midis? (inb4 the sonic TC)

and 2) were any of the wads under x-rated themes actually any good?

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There's a new awesome megawad called Valiant, 2 new community projects (one from joe-ilya making a "episode 4" of Doom 2 and a 10 map episode called bloody rust by firefish), a new DMP hosted by scifista instead of TimeOfDeath, the Abyssal session changed leader from Obsidian to MionicDonut and Linguica hold a questionare about the best Doom / Doom 2 iwad, the winner had it's moment of glory using it's "trademarks" as a new image in the top of the website, togheter with instadoom that became some sort of internet fade before the advent of Hestia's string dress...

and UDINO still going like tnt 2 and many others CP

normal stuff as usual

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