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Tall texture support in various ports?

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I'm planning to make tall custom textures (taller than 128 units) and then use them in limit-removing maps. I want the maps to be compatible with as many ports as possible. Before I even make the textures, my question is: What is the highest texture height that would safely work in all LR ports? How do I find out how much tall textures particular ports can handle?

I've read this thread, but it might be outdated, and it was also rather confusing, because several people provided contradictory info.

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Why don't you test it? I tested with a 256x256 single-patch texture and only Chocolate Doom choked. Prboom, Glboom, WinMBF, Eternity, Doom Retro and ZDoom showed it correctly.

Will you be using taller textures than 256?

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