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A simple zdoom WAD

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I don't know if this is the right place to post stuff like this.
Im new on the forum and on the world of Doom mapping.

A month ago, i found a dvd with some very very old stuff and i found some maps i made when i was a child, i took some rooms from those maps and combined with new stuff. I used the format "Zdoom - Doom in Hexen Format".

Im not good at editing and stuff, but when im bored on my home or on my work office, i open Doom Builder 2 and start editing some stuff just to lower my stress. And yeah, i enjoy a lot doing this.

Here is the link:

http://www.conecciones.net/doom/UAC.PK3 (Right click and save as, don't have mimetype defined on my web server)

I took the Cybruiser and Cyberbaron from the Armageddon invasion map.
CC4-Texture pack from this site.

The Music:
Level 1 - Descent 1
Level 2 - Jimmy midis from this site. (Rotted Roots.mid)
Level 3 - Heretic

Hope to receive some feedback and learn more.
Sorry for my english, its not my primary language.

Thanks !

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BlackFish said:

Tried booting up your pk3 and got this.

Fixed and updated.

Download from the same link and try again. If doens't work use Zandronum or Skulltag to play.

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Alright here we go.

Level 1

The map suffers a lot from 128 high ceilings. Add some high variation detail such as moulding/trim or beveled lights. It felt really flat.

You should get into the habit of unpegging walls that are involved in doors. It looks much better and prevents problems like this.


You should also try to align textures. This looks bad in particular.


The player was told to go back and forth quite a bit. It got a bit annoying after the second or third time.

If you're making the player hop into damaging slime, a radsuit would be much better. One medikit isn't going to help a player with 1hp trying to get to the wall that they have to get to, as was my situation.

The gameplay was pretty decent, but it felt stretched after a while.

The second map looks a bit better judging from the automap. I'll give you more notes as I go.

Level 2

Lazy made secret is lazily made in the beginning.

Again, the map suffers from 128isms. The ceiling height is clearly in variables of 128.

Again with the lack of unpegged walls.

Was this really necessary?

That teleport death trap was a bit silly. At least you could skip it.

The back and forth switch hunting was a bit pointless too.

Level 3
The third level feels like a lazy Icon of Sin remake complete with a pointless keyhunt in the beginning.

I'll give you this, you have a somewhat decent idea on how to handle gameplay, but you need to work on your sector work. Make some small test levels that are simply architecture to practice how to make decent looking scenery. It would help you a lot.

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Dear BlackFish,

Thanks for your constructive feedback.

Of course, this is the first wad i share on Doom's Community, improving more my mapping skills by doing more maps its a good idea.

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For a first release, I think it's great! It has its flaws though. Dem texture alignments. And dat radioactive waste river.

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Things I've noticed:
-Not lower-unpegged sides of doors.
-Clashing colors and patterns of different textures next to each other. Looks ugly. (See the first room in MAP01.)
-Banal thing placement, often spammy. It's more like "Deal with it." than trying to make a balance. You should try to challenge the player reasonably and efficiently, not just throw a bunch of monsters in his way. Play with trap setups that disallow easy camping / height variation affecting combat / using the advantages of particular monster types.
-Dragging the player back and forth over the entire map. Pointless.
-Random switches doing random things. Unintuitive.
-Linear progression. Cheap. Let the player make choices / handle situations as he wants to. That's what is fun.
-Inescapable pits. Annoying. Better always provide a way out, exploration shouldn't be punished by death.

That said, you've shown a good effort - although the architecture was very basic, it contained varied-enough content (rooms, scenarios) to be not-entirely-basic. Try improving visuals and gameplay aspects, understand the basic principles of good mapping. I'd like to see more from you.

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After being working for a while,

I've been doing some mapping based on the suggestions.

Now when i make some sectors, i always do some height and light variations, still some levels have the "Forth and back switch hunt" but its not that annoying anymore.

http://imgur.com/a/gpLMt MAP01
http://imgur.com/a/qOpLr MAP02
http://imgur.com/a/08Ey8 MAP03

Techbases are my fav kind of map.

Will release a wad soon.

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