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High Jump Boots

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I'm not quite getting what the zdoom wiki is saying about how the "HighJump" power up works:


What I really want is to create a powerup that doubles the players jumping height temporarily. Quadrupling the players jumping height, as the default settings do, is WAY too much.

Is there any way to edit the power up so that it only doubles the jumping height?

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Try this: Make your own powerup with the same definition as the HighJump one, but replace this line:

powerup.type "HighJump"
with this:
Player.JumpZ 12
It should temporarily change the default value of player's jump height while the powerup lasts.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Scifista.

I've tried doing what you've said, but the game fails to load. The message I usually get is along the lines of 12 being an invalid parameter state for "Player.JumpZ". When I change it, the game still doesn't load.

I was wondering if perhaps to get this to work, I have to create an entirely new player class with the desired stat changes, and then have a powerup that temporarily switches to that class?

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^That would work (combined with morphing).

And indeed, sorry, the code I gave you doesn't seem to work with Player.JumpZ. I had successfully made a powerup that temporarily changed player's Speed this way, but it doesn't work for a player-specific property (like Player.JumpZ is) for some reason.

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